Folashade Mi


To write for you,

I had intended,

Distraction from you,

Is all I’ve received,

When what I most need,

Is you, for inspiration!


You made me sat,

So long on the mat,

Watching the doors,

For your scent to pour,

I missed my work out,

Waiting for you to walk-in.


I have always been read-able,

As I have nothing to hide,

Especially while by your side,

With your eyes as my guide.


Into the world of poetry,

And your every gesture,

A path for me to follow,

Therefore, I am able to read you too,

Doing so very loud-able.



. . . wait a minute;

I have heard of other men,

Or rather animalistic men,

Who in the past, in the days gone by,

Manhandled you, with so ill manner.


Caring not for your carriage,

Giving no thought for your person,

Counted you a lesser vessel,

And not a mere weaker vessel.


Aloud and so loudly,

I say to them:

Ye are fools with full proof,

Ye are morons in full moon,

Ye are blind with full blinder!


For how can they be otherwise?

When they’ve so failed;

To decipher your person,

To perceive your virtues,

To appreciate your kindness,

To recognize your strength,

Fools they’re, eternally so indeed!


You are mighty, yes in stature,

Yet mightier in your mind,

Your prowess unparalleled.


Still mightiest at heart,

Your heart of kindness,

Of unfeign love and cares,

Of generosity inestimable.


Your broad back,

Wherein you carry me always,

Your strong shoulders,

On which I always lay my head.


While I have you,

Yeah, you for me,

Luckily for myself alone,

While should I need a diamond,

Or care for a gold?


You are my pearl,

My precious jewel,

And I have got you for keeps!


For those non-men,

With penchant for ill manner,

Against our women,

Come to me for a lesson,

And I surely shall tell you in full,

Of my lovely, vivacious and enigmatic; Folashade!


35 thoughts on “Folashade Mi” by Babalola Ibisola VABI (@Babalolaibisola)

  1. simplisilv (@simplisilv)

    Nice shot at heartless men but…I love the build-up of the poem too. Well done@babalolaibisola

    1. Thank you @simplisilv, lets hope that one day, such ‘soulless’ will cease to exist amongst us.

  2. Nice poem .. great title

    1. Many thanks @josephoguche, I am lucky to have a Folashade! lol

  3. Nice poem, Welldone.

    1. Thanks to you @praize, for the praise!

  4. Wow, you must love her a lot. Men….Smh, animals on two feet.

    1. @Hymar, that is to say the least bro! I love God, love life and there is my ‘Shade, a ‘favour’ of the Lord to me.
      It is my hope that the abusive men will change their ways, and be real gentlemen, the men of valour!
      Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Believe me when i say i can relate.

    1. Very well @Hymar, the spirit is one.

  6. Wow, see love nwatintin!

    Noticed some errors…

    ‘you made me sat’ (sit)

    ‘unfeign(ed) love..’
    ‘while (why) should I need a diamond’

    1. What can I say @topazo, really nwatintin ni o.

      I am so lucky to have her in my world.

      Thank you, the errors are noted.

  7. Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

    Nice poem! All we read…we read for love! *smiles!
    Pen up!

    1. @Kleavajimcy, many thanks. It is all about love.

  8. Wow. Nice Crafted Poem for Folashade!

    1. Many thanks @wendy, there aren’t so many a Folashade in the world as mine!

  9. I am quite sure she muses you in more ways than one. Surely you read this out to her, and got many an inspiration from her appreciation.
    There are plenty typos in it o. Kai!
    Well done, Vabi. $ß

    1. Thank you @sibbylwhite.
      Folashade is my special muse, an indispensable one to me!

      The typos, ah!

  10. Na good poem, I like am sha. This love haba…

    Weldone VABI

    1. @basittjamiu, many thank for readingand dropping a comment.

  11. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Vabi, nice poetry rendition, I wish all men would think and appreciate women like you did in this writing. Keep it up Bro.

  12. @blackgold, many thanks for your kind appraisal!
    Hopefully, more men will continue to appreciate our women!

  13. powerful words brother.

    1. @wordsfromuyi,many thanks bro.
      Such is the power of love, irresistably

  14. Very nice and well written. Conversely, it’s put me in the mood to write a counter romantic story.

  15. Such is life o, the yin and yen, andro and gyno, positive and negative!
    Well, thanks so much for reading and dropin ur thot, @alabaok

  16. Still @alabaOk, if I may persuade to reinvest that flow into yet more positive expression, may be just for me and my Folashade, wld u oblige us,

    1. @Babalolaibisola
      Ok. Not for you O! But for the no doubt lovely Folashade.

  17. Wow!!!
    Many thanks @AlabaOk! I am earnestly waiting for this piece . . .and I will show it to her too.

  18. @babalolaibisola, this is a powerful love story.
    A sharp tongue-lashing for the ‘lessmen’.
    You did well bro, keep it up!

  19. @expo, thank you for dropping by.

  20. Im in love……
    …with this….
    ….nice one….

  21. Many thanks. I am glad you like it, @aniefiokitong

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