Death By Seduction

I turn you on,
My heartbeat
Echoes, thunder in my head,
Louder than
Your gasps and groans,
How long has it been?
Since the first time
I explored your depths
With innocent wonder?
I still remember,
Your brilliance, amazing
Your ambience, mystifying
Your speed, electrifying
Your performance, unrivalled.

I fear that each
Will be our last,
Doesn’t stop
Me though, from
Pushing your buttons
Fingers trembling,
Heart thumping,
Breath trapped in chest,
Flutters in my stomach,
Panic powered prayers
Lord please, Lord please!

I have done all I can,
Transplant after transplant
Cure after cure,
Yet you lie
Crumbling slowly,
Bit by bit,
Dying, slice by slice
Inches from the grave
Buried by instalment everyday.
I hope to delay the day
I hear whispers of Fate saying “Nay”.

I cling to your bones,
Brittle with decay
Smile through the stench,
Love is patient, nay?
How much longer will it be?
Before you are snatched from me?
My heart dances–
A caged bird.
Loving you as I do,
I can’t help but save
Little pieces of you
In black vials
When you go,
If in the act,
Let my name be on your lips
As Yours ‘ll always be in my heart,
A memory of bliss,
Adieu, Chris
My faithful
Dying Laptop.

19 thoughts on “Death By Seduction” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. Hehe. And to think Chris is just a lappie. Well, he is a lover. Nice one, Nicole. Well done. $ß.

  2. Hehe. And to think Chris is just a lappie. Well, he is a lover that gets things done for you. Nice one, Nicole. Well done. $ß.

  3. Hehe, Thanks for your time and your thoughts. @sibbylwhyte

  4. I like this, Nicole.
    Reminds me of a poem I once managed to write about a girl whose lover was her bed.
    You’re good, I must admit.

  5. (sobbing)”Chris please don’t die. Though if you do, I’ld charge but don’t” (Crying )

    Beautiful piece.

    1. Chris is dying, yes, waaa waaa waaa!

  6. Abeg dedicate this one to my phone o. Soon I will be so gone from NS sef. 5o days fasting n prayer on my mind.

  7. lolz…i am jealous of chris…

    1. @topazo Don’t be oh? Chris is jealous of you…

  8. Fantastic, style captivating, theme well tackled.

  9. @nicolebassey, this felt somehow ‘deceptive’ – I felt the imagery that was used didn’t quite work for the object under consideration.

    But it was very poetic and amusing.

    Well done.

    1. Thank you for reading @TolaO

  10. What a personification!
    Dope lines
    Well done

    1. thank you! I am glad you saw it.

  11. What a personification!
    Dope lines about a lapi? Hahaha
    Well done

  12. Are you freaking serious!? So Chris was just a laptop….You really had me there, nice job.

  13. I love this…………..

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