Creative Writing Tips!

You’re attempting a new creative writing project when a nagging thought occurs: Is this idea creative enough or has it been done before? Just take few minutes to read through this…

All writers deal with these nagging feelings from time to time. But don’t worry; even the most mundane or overdone topics can become creative masterpieces when crafted by a talented creative writer. On the other hand, many talented writers churn out boring pieces. They may have started with creative writing ideas but ended up with pages of bland text. How can you ensure that your creative writing is fresh and inventive rather than a real snoozer

Practice with Different Genres
While taking classes is smart, nothing beats actually sitting down and putting pen to paper. No matter which techniques you use to improve your creative writing, you can’t avoid actually doing it.

First, take a mundane, EVERYDAY OBJECT, and write several paragraphs about it. For example, right now, look around and spot an object.
Say this object is “A BUCKET OF PAINT”. Write about this bucket of paint with the goal of bringing it to life. Any writer can write, “Mary saw a bucket of paint.” Boring, isn’t it? How can you make that bucket of paint exciting?


Splatters of bright red blood took on a pinkish cast as they slowly blended into the bucket of Navajo white paint. Mary resisted the urge to stir the paint, knowing she needed to stop the bleeding before she got too woozy. I’ve got to call 911, she thought. She stumbled to the phone, knocking the paint bucket over as she collapsed into a heap.

The bucket of paint becomes a character at least for a few lines. You can imagine Mary now collapsed in a puddle of Navajo white paint that is slowly turning pink as she bleeds to death. In the excerpt, we now have a potential story idea. Who murdered Mary? And why would anyone want to murder her? Who discovered Mary’s body? Did the paint cover up evidence or will it provide clues?

In addition, those four sentences give us clues about Mary. Perhaps she’s a housewife who is repainting the guest room in preparation for her new baby. Maybe she’s an artist who adds her own tints to paints to create custom colors (which would be ironic considering her blood is now creating a custom mix of its own). Anything is possible when you write creatively.

Now, take the same object and write about it in different genres. The above example was written with the thriller genre in mind, but try others like romance, fantasy, mystery and science fiction. By writing just a few excerpts of everyday objects, you’ll be surprised at how the creative writing ideas begin to flow.

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  1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Well done. Now he’s giving writing tips, tsk tsk. :d

  2. @daireenonline.
    Somehow this doesn’t strike me as what Klea wrote himself. Reads like what one sees on creative writing sites written by foreign authors.
    Something else that further butresses this fact is the use of ‘Navajo paint’ and 911. Plus the fact that in nigeria, if you are hurt, you scream or whatever, cos no one actually calls the ambulance or police. I am just saying.

    Thanks for sharing this, Klea. If this is a product of your thoughts, forgive my insinuation. But if I am close to the truth, it would be nice to either include the original author’s name or reference.
    We’ve had a case of plagiarism on this site before.
    Helpful article. Well done. $ß.

  3. Lol…♡̬̩̃̊ƭћªΩќs♡̬̩̃̊!

  4. @sibbylwhite, I can only smile at your view coz I donno which of the replies to give to U… Does the fact that we are in Nigeria, being Nigerians and also on mean that articles should be written in relation to the way things are going on in Nigeria? Moreover, what you just said aint what I’m naïve about! Just awkwardt the way you went further with this…there are better ways to make your opinion known, you know! It’s only someone that doesn’t know about 911 or navajo paint that will find it hard to use in a write up! The internet is worldwide (www)…not for Nigerians alone! Better things should have carved your insinuation…
    Thanks for reading and commenting anyways…God bless you!

  5. I read this and I was like ‘this dude can give good advice, I should keep an eye on his posts to see if he takes them. ‘

    Heyyyyy, this piece makes sense.

    There s still Next Time tho.

  6. @Hymar, lolz… The piece is for those who find it so hard to differentiate between poetry and a news/letter… And those who find it so hard to convert a single piece to poetic mix! Buh U be baba na…I sure say U for don sabi all diz! I just dey loyal here…and abt keeping an eye on me, u knw I’d never deviate na…It’s only that peepz find it hard to reaad in-btwn the lines most times…rather, they’d decode words as they seem! I’m still a learner tho’…poetry keeps me in the game!
    ♡̬̩̃̊ƭћªΩќs♡̬̩̃̊ For commenting!
    Jah. Bless!

  7. Thanks for the tips. It opens up a new world of views bringing out the artistic silent part that has been dormant a long time.

    Am getting encouraged seeing Gs from science and engineering background churning out good works.

    1. Thaanks for your words @newnaija… It’s always a gem when peotry is an in-born tendency! U can do nothing but nourish, cherish and feed it…so that it’ll grow!

  8. Hmmm! Very not bad. Thanks for sharing such writing guide

    1. Thankss for commenting @kevindkind

  9. Wow! Thanks for this write-up. I really need it to survive in my writing world….

  10. That’s nice to hear @wendy, I should post more of this often then! ♡̬̩̃̊ƭћªΩќs♡̬̩̃̊ for reading n commenting!
    Your latest write up rocks!

  11. @topazo, Thnks for stopping by Mhan!

  12. @Kleavajimcy
    Wonderful advice, I like, Thank you.

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  14. More than helpful. I feel you.

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