Bella Dona 5

Bella Dona 5

The girls scrambled from the bed and pulled their gowns to cover their voluptuous breasts.

“What the hell?” said the first girl looking outraged, and then her face changed when Somto came out, and then Ifeyinwa followed.

“What the hell were you guys doing under there?’ asked Fidelis, as he pulled up his boxers, and tried to hide his erection with a pillow.

“That’s your brother isn’t it?” said the first girl, looking excited. “He’s more handsome than you described, can he join us?”

Ifeyinwa cleared her throat.

“Oh you can join us too,” the second girl added.

“No thanks,” said Somto quickly, as Ifeyinwa gave him a nasty look. She took her shoes, and together they left the room.

“I have to go now,” Ifeyinwa said when they got to the door. She held his hand. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure,” answered Somto. “Why?”

She did not answer, instead she kissed him and this time he grabbed her ass, lifting her from the ground. She responded by wrapping he legs round him.

“SO what are you going to do about the threesome going on in there?” asked Ifeyinwa, nudging at the room where the girls had already started making weird noises accompanied with the sound of wood brushing against something continuously. “Hope you’re not having any ideas?”

“Me,” said Somto. “Of course not.”

“Good,” said Ifeyinwa, sliding down from him. “Because this,” she tapped his crotch softly. “Belongs to me.”

“Yes ma’am,” said Somto, laughing, and then she left and he closed the door. He went over to the sitting room, put on his earphones, and slept off.

Mrs. Adibua returned later that night singing gospel praises and hymns.

“My enemies will not see me,” she said, doing a kind of traditional dance. “When I am serving a living God, it is just not possible.” She closed the door and continued singing.

Fidelis had to increase the volume on the television to drown her horrible voice out.

“Only God knows what the pastor has told her this time around,” he said to Somto who seemed absorbed in the anatomy textbook he was reading.

“Maybe he saw her get saved from another accident in one of his visions,” said Somto, as he flicked the page. “Or that her business will grow bigger, you know, the usual obvious stuff.”

“Somto!” called Mrs. Adibua. “Come here, the pastor asked me to pass you a message.”
“Ha ha,” laughed Fidelis. “You are in trouble. Just pray it has nothing to do with your travelling. You know how mummy respects the pastor. If he says it is not God’s will for you to…”

“Somto,” called Mrs. Adibua, louder this time. “Somto are you deaf?”

“I’m coming already,” said Somto finally getting up. He dog-eared the page he was on, and went to meet her. “Yes mummy.”

“Sit down,” said Mrs. Adibua, tapping the chair beside her. She joined her hands together, and rested her head on it, as if in prayer. She did not look happy. “Where did you go to this afternoon, I thought we were supposed to go shopping for your travelling?”

“I decided to go on my own,” lied Somto.

“You went on your own?” asked Mrs. Adibua raising her eyebrows.

“Yes,” said Somto without blinking. “After I told Ifeyinwa that we couldn’t be friends again, I saw her off, and just decided to go on my own from there.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, her face seeming considerably lighter as he confirmed he hadn’t gone anywhere with Ifeyinwa.

Somto nodded.

“Oh, okay,” she said. SO about Pastor Kingsley, he wanted to know why you did not come for today’s service, you know I told him you are travelling soon.”

“How is Pastor Kingsley?” he asked.

“The man is waking strong in God,” said Mrs. Adibua happily. “You know we just completed the fasting season.”

Somto put on a here-we-go-again stare. Anytime the fasting season ended, Mrs. Adibua always had something to say. If she did not see the vision herself, then the pastor did, or one of the members of the congregation she was close to. This time he wondered who would see the vision.

“And of course,” continued Mrs. Adibua. “After every fasting season the lord always gives us revelations

“Uh huh,” said Somto. “Did Mrs. Emenike see anything about us again?”

“You are stupid,” said Mrs. Adibua, sensing the sarcasm in his voice. “It was the pastor actually. He asked me to tell you to be wary of girls, and mind the kind of friends you keep.”

Somto nodded. “But mummy I don’t have a girlfriend,” he said. “So I don’t know where Pastor is getting…”

“Shut up your mouth and let me finish,” said Mrs. Adibua, raising her hand to silence him. “He did not say you have a girlfriend. He was possibly talking about the future, maybe when you travel, or maybe even here. I already told you I don’t like that Ifeyinwa character.”

“I thought I told you that I am no longer seeing her,” said Somto, somewhat frustrated. “What do you want me to do again?”

“I know, I know – and don’t take that tone with me!” said Mrs. Adibua, pointing a warning finger at him. “Maybe he had seen the vision a long time ago, and only now did he decide to reveal it to me. He also said that you have to be careful, that your future is very bright.”

“Yes,” said Somto, nodding.

“And also,” said Mrs. Adibua, and then paused.

“Yes?” said Somto dreading what might come next. He knew whenever she paused after an uncompleted sentence, it was for effect.

“He said as you leave Ukraine you should cleanse yourself of all iniquity and stay away from girls of that country. They are filled with spirits of Jezebels and mermaids, and they can only lead you to destruction.”

“Mummy I have heard you,” said Somto, getting up. “I understand.”

“I hope so,” said Mrs. Adibua, pulling her ear. “Let those who have ears hear. Your father will call you tomorrow. He might not be around tomorrow to see you off because of his business.”


“Good,” said Mrs. Adibua. “You can go. I’ll be doing vigil this night; you can join me if you’re awake.”

“Okay,” said Somto, even though he knew he knew he wasn’t going to.

That night as they slept, Somto dreamt. He was trying to get water from a tap, but the water only came out in drops no matter how he turned open the tap. He remained there for ages, trying to fill his bag with as much water as possible, and when he had filled the bag to his satisfaction, he turned around to leave, but someone shot a bullet at the bag causing the water to spill all over his suede boots. He woke up the next day and realized he had a text message form Ifeyinwa which said,

Can you meet me in an hour at Allen Avenue, at the Drentin Hotel? Please say yes.

Somto hit the reply button, and typed in yes, and sent it. He got up immediately, brushed his teeth and had his bath. Allen Avenue was about forty-five minutes away, he had to start going. He put on a fresh pair of boxer shorts, and a fresh pair of clothes from the clean pile the laundry man had brought in the other day. He did not tell anyone when he left, not Fidelis who was snoring as though his life depended on it, not his mother who was probably still praying and or sleeping in a kneeling position. He took the car keys to one of his father’s cars, and a moment later he was on his way to Allen Avenue.

As he got to the location, and he spotted the Drentin signboard, he took his phone and called Ifeyinwa. It rang for a while, before she answered.

“Yeah hello, Somto, you came.” She sounded excited.

“Of course,” said Somto. “Were you thinking I wouldn’t?”

“I don’t know,” said Ifeyinwa. “I’ll be downstairs in a minute.”

Ifeyinwa appeared a few minutes later in a tight T-shirt, pencil jeans and a flat shoe. She removed her shades when she met him.

“Hi,” she said, as she wrapped her hands around him, and kissed him. He couldn’t really kiss her back fully because his eyes darted here and there, wondering who was watching. “Park your car inside the hotel, don’t worry it’s my father’s.”

“Really?” said Somto, opening his car door. “Cool.”

“Yes,” said Ifeyinwa, and then she shook her head. “I can’t wait, let’s go inside, I’ll get someone to park it instead.”

“You can’t wait for what?” asked Somto, shutting the car door. They both walked into the lobby.

“Henry there’s a car outside,” said Ifeyinwa to one of the employees. She took the keys from Somto and threw it at the man. “Park it in the special space behind the hotel. Please do not scratch the car; it is for a very important customer.” She turned to Somto to answer his question. “What do you think?” she smiled mischievously and she led him to the stairs.

As they went up the stairs, the only thing Somto could think of now was what he was going to do to her. She was probably not going to walk well for at least two days after today. He had never had random sex with just any girl except his girlfriends, three of them to be exact. And all of them were all a tad younger than him, and quite smallish and fragile so he always took extra precaution never to let himself go in completely whenever they had sex or else there would be a whole lot of screaming and he would have to stop, and have to do a lot of petting which he found very tiring at times.

But this was different. First of all they were friends and for some reason whatever they were doing had not spoilt this friendship, secondly she did not seem to care about anything else order than his dick, thirdly she seemed wild and willing to go far and in the event that she started complaining or screaming as well, he could pretend not to hear her and keep going, and not even have to feel guilty afterwards since she wasn’t his girlfriend or anything.

They got to the door, and she swiped the card slot with the key card, opening the door to a very large room. She walked in.

“No distractions this time,” she said, jumping on the queen size bed. There was a mirror on the ceiling. She lay on the bed and looked at her reflection, and then she wriggled around the bed, pulling the covers. Then she turned around and assumed the dog position.

Somto said nothing; he just watched her, his hands on his lips, different terrible and sinful things running through his head.

“Come,” said Ifeyinwa, tapping the bed, but Somto shook his head. It was hard for her to tell what he was thinking as he stared at her. She stared down at his crotch, there was no visible bulge.

“Please,” she said, and then she got out of the bed, walked towards him and held his dick. It hardened instantly, and with it she dragged him to the bed. He fell on her and they kissed, his tongue raking the insides of her mouth, and hers his. She changed positions, coming on top of him, and then she began to dry hump him.

He laughed at her. “Take your shirt off,” he ordered, running his fingers through her cleavage. She pulled it off immediately, letting her breasts fall off with a jingle. He squeezed them and cupped them.

She moaned softly as he pulled her nipples with his fingers towards him, causing her to lean forward so that her breasts were close to his mouth. He bit it and sucked it, softly at first, and then harder, while she moaned continuously. He stopped, only to remove his shirt, and then continued.

She rubbed his head while he sucked her, and then without warning he flipped sides and he was un-top of her. He pulled down her jeans, to expose her beautiful dark brown skin, and then her panties.

Ifeyinwa tried to remain still as he kissed her laps and then, without warning again, he inserted one finger into her, at the same time massaging her clitoris. He kept at it for a while, at times just thrusting his fingers and at times hooking it back and forth in a “come over here” motion.

She responded by moaning softly, pulling his hand so he could get in deeper.

“Oh lawd,” she said, jerking, and then she pulled his hand out of her. She dragged him by the head, and then she kissed him. He lay on her, his stone hard dick pressing against her, and then she pushed him softly, and went for his belt, unbuckling them, and then pulling down his trousers. His dick shut out, hitting her on the face.

“Ooops,” he said, as she tried with no success to wrap her little hand around it, and then she sucked on it, making good use of her tongue as well.

It was everything Somto could do not to push her down and bang the hell out of her, then suddenly she stopped, she stretched her hand into the bedside cupboard and brought out a pack of condoms. She opened one and wore it on him.


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  1. Well, it’s been said that the ear that refuses to hear would enter the grave when the head is cut off.
    If I am a guy in my next life, let my brain be in my head and not my dick. Hian!
    I really don’t know what kind of grudge she holds, to actually make her keep trying till she has him in a chokehold.
    Let’s have the next.
    Well done, Jacob. $ß.

  2. Emmm… @sibbylwhyte am with you on that one oo. It’s amazing the trouble men get into because of that little man.Lol.

    This was nice. But the sex seems to feature in every installement. The plot hasn’t really advanced for me. Draw us in with more facts.

    Kudos Jacob.

    1. Thanks for reading @mimiadebayo. Yeah, but the next installment after this will definitely move the plot. Hope u enjoy it too

  3. Grrrr….*seething* leave the mehn alone joor. Holiest ones.

  4. lol @Hymar…however it sounds, bro, the ladies are right. you know it. we know it. oh, who will save us?lol.
    @jacobolisajones well done but i agree with Mimi…give us some more info

  5. Quite interesting! A yoruba proverb says ‘ a dog destined for destruction won’t heed to the hunter’s warning’. Am looking forward to subsequent episodes. Please can I have the link to previous episodes? Thanks

  6. Hmmmmmmm it is well….(na leaf wey dey sweet goat dey kill goat))

  7. Okay…I just went through all the other preceding parts of this series and at some point in the beginning, the story was picking pace and getting funny but at some point I’m beginning to wonder if its going anywhere. It seems its more concerned with sex conquests and escapades…I can’t pick a head or tail of what the conflict is, where attempts for the resolution is…

    The story seems to be heading in no actual direction. I think what most readers are enjoying is basically the sex play and cavorting of the brothers. The story could be in the danger of not reaching a logical conclusion if there’s no defined direction.

    Your wit and humor is rich and simple. Your descriptions are apt and strong. You have a style no doubt. And since you started the series with a prologue that was tragically packed, I think you might still have a hang of how you’d end it and for that reason I’m still reading.

    I hope your stories are not always about smut and sex….cause it would make a good read even without much of it.

    1. this is an experiment, really i do not write this genre of books, lol. @Afronuts

      1. @jacobolisajones

        Keep up the witty style…its really good and amusing.

        One other thing…you said you were dramatizing the series for your YouTube channel…are you still doing that? Is it on? What’s it titled if it is?

        1. i was initially but we were way over our heads so i did another of my stories. the channel is called OLSNETWORK. @Afronuts

    2. I agree with you, @afronuts. The story seems to be stuck in a loop, where Somto and Ifeyinwa want to have sex, but something always seems to interrupt them.

      @jacobolisajones, move the story along already!

  8. still waiting to see how this would turn out….
    nice writing

  9. i almost dunno anymore but I will read the next one to see where this is headed.

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