”An Endemic Of Cheating Husbands Part 2”

Zee was staring at her laptop screen; tears were running down her cheeks.

Ali ‘’ are you still there.’’

Zee’’ I was thinking about my life.’’

Ali   ‘’ don’t think too much you will become depressed.’’

Zee’’ I asked Faruk about   his area of specialization;

‘’He was surprised’ ’he told me Ob gyn’’

He looked at me as if he could see me’’

Ali ‘’see, it is a start’’ She got up from the bed and opened her mini She

‘’ You have to become interesting’’.

Zee ‘’what do you mean’’

Ali ‘’ what are his hobbies?

Zee ‘’he likes watching football?

Ali ‘’start watching football too.

Zee ‘’I hate football’’

Ali ‘’it is easy to love; all the fine people running around.’’

Ali ‘’ you just have to follow the scores ’’

Zee’’ it is okay’’

Zee ‘’your Facebook status said you are in a relationship.’’

Ali ‘’it’s complicated, I have 3 boyfriends’’

Zee ‘’which of them do you like’’

Ali ‘’ none, they all have issues.’’

Zee ‘’ why are you going out with all of them’’

Ali   ‘’for the money.’’

Zee ‘’I understand I married Faruk because he had a steady income.’’

Ali ‘’and because your parents chose him’’

Zee ‘’my parents chose him because he had a steady income and he knows’’

Ali ‘’so he doesn’t like you.’’

Zee ‘’ I thought he really liked me, he used to come and jist with me in front of our house every Sunday evening’’

Ali ‘’ what is your   husband‘s   favourite  colour’’

Zee ‘’I don’t know.’’

Zee’ ‘I know he likes rice and salad and football. Do you think it is my fault that is why he is cheating.’’

The tears started tricking slowly.

Ali ‘’I don’t think so; maybe he is used to it like a bad habit you can’t seem to stop. ’’

Ali ‘’bye, I want to cook Indomie noodles.’’

I think I have to break up with Faruk. I feel so uncomfortable talking to Ali. She is a nice girl. Maybe going out with married men is not a good idea. By the way there are lots of single men out there and I am beautiful.



Two weeks later on a Saturday, Zee was chatting with Ali on the laptop. Faruk was sitting on the sofa in the sitting room watching Al- Jazeera. They had actually become friends.

Faruk leaned to see what Zee was engrossed. Then he saw friend on chat Aliyah Lawan.

‘’Zee who is she?’’   He said.

‘’She is my Facebook friend.’’

‘’I met her a month ago; she send me a friend request and se is really nice.’’

Faruk kept quiet.

Aliyah was sitting on her bed; when the phone rang. It was 3pm in the afternoon.

Hello Faruk. ”I have not heard from you in a week.”

‘’Why are  you talking to my wife on  Facebook.’’ He said in a low voice.

‘’ Me talking to your wife, wait when did you get married.’’

‘’You must think I am a fool right, you told me you were single.’’

She said her hands clamped tight on the phone.

‘’If you knew I was married; you should have told me instead of becoming friends with my wife.’’

‘’Please don’t preach to me, if you annoy me. I’ll tell your wife we were having an affair.’’

‘’Don’t you dare ‘’he said.

‘’She might tell her parents or your parents.’’

‘’What do you want? ‘’ he said.

‘’Stop being crass,’’ she said, ‘’I will have said money but we both know I am richer than you.  Any way I guess this is goodbye.’’

She pressed the end button.

Faruk told Zee that Ali was having an affair with a married man he worked with at the hospital. He said she was a bad influence. Stop talking to her.

Zee called Ali on the phone ‘’ is it true?’’.

Ali said ‘’ what are you talking about?’’

‘’Faruk told me you are having an affair with a married man.’’

‘’I broke up with them.’’ said Ali.

‘’You lied to me, you know how bad I am feeling but you are doing the same thing to someone else.’’

‘’I know you were raped; but running around with married men is just wrong. You are just hurting yourself’’ Zee said.

‘’How dare  you talk to me like that, Ali said ‘’who gave you the right to judge me.’’

Zee ‘’we are no longer friends’’

Ali pressed the end button.


One month later.  Friends   on chat.

Zee ‘’ I am sorry, I brought up that rape issue’’

Ali ‘’ I am sorry too. ’’

Zee ‘’ Faruk is still having an affair. I still haven’t confronted him about it.’’

Ali ‘’ why can’t you just ask him’’

Ali ‘’I feel like today he is having the affair behind my back that shows he respects me right; if I start talking to him and he becomes adamant and starts talking to the girl in my front then I will have lost my self-respect,’’

Zee ‘’I don’t think it is about respecting you; he clearly doesn’t respect himself either’’

Ali ‘’ I keep day dreaming that I will get the courage to just pack my things and leave. We don’t even have any children yet. Then I say what will  I tell my parents. What if I get married to another husband and he also cheats will I keep on running away. My mum will not understand. She will be like men are made that way they cannot resist women.’’

Ali ‘’I don’t   think men are made to cheat. If they see a woman they are attracted to. Why can’t they lower there gaze and go back to their wives. It has to do with the way they are brought up.’’

Zee ‘’I don’t just know what to do.’’

Zee ‘’ how are your parents, I thought you said your dad was a retired pensioner and you are broke’’

Ali ‘’ Well, I lied. Dad is very rich. He comes from a long line of business men. He has a chain of supermarkets.’’

Zee ‘’ no more lying’’

Ali ‘’ I have an idea, why don’t you buy a packet of condoms and hide it in his laptop bag.  When he goes to work and sees it. He will ask you about it, ’then you tell him you don’t want to get H.I.V.’’

Zee ‘’He might get angry; wait how do you know he has a lap-top bag.’’

Ali ‘’everybody has lap top bags. The anger will pass; you have to learn to stand up for yourself’’

Ali ‘’Tell him you will tell his mom’’

Zee ‘’ I can’t he knows I can’t’’

Ali ‘’tell him you will tell his brother’s   wife’’

Zee ‘’you are right’’ it might work’’

Zee ‘’ what of the   boyfriends’’

Ali ‘’ you are right I was just hurting myself, I broke up with the boyfriends.’’

Zee ‘’ you might be lucky and get someone that really loves you’’

Ali ‘’Most men don’t know how to love, one of the boyfriend asked me to marry him. Ali, marry me don’t worry about my wife if you want I can divorce her.’’

Zee ‘’ what’’

Ali ‘’ I don’t   know how long he is married but is his wife a toy that can be thrown away easily.’’

Zee ‘’ that is too bad.’’

Ali ‘’ women need to create a life for themselves, planning and building your life around a man that can decide to throw you away so easily is wrong.  Zee, instead  of  waiting for your husband at home every day find something to do that will make you happy.’’

Zee ‘’ I will think about it.’’

It was Monday, Faruk was having his bath. Zee placed a packet of condoms in his bag.

She decided to add a paper which she wrote I don’t want to get HIV, STDS or any disease.


Faruk came back home from  ‘’National hospital.’’

‘’This is the first time you are coming home in the afternoon in a year.’’ said Zee. She was reclining on the Sofa watching T.V.

‘’I saw the condoms you placed in my bag.’’ He said standing at the doorway and staring at her.

She picked the T.V remote and lowered the volume. ‘’I just don’t want to get H.I.V.’’

Faruk stared at her in shock.

‘’What happened to you Zainab’’, he said ‘’ It must be Aliyah that told you to do this. She is a bad person, why are you talking to her? .’’

‘’Ah’’, she said ‘’you are a bad person since you do the same thing technically .At least she has changed.’’

‘’What  are you saying‘’ He said quietly.  He took deep breaths.

‘’Don’t drag her in to this. You are the one that is having an affair. You are a doctor. I am sure you see H.I.V patients at your hospital. I don’t want to die.’’

‘’You are not going to die. He said I am a doctor. I take some anti-retroviral drugs each time I place myself at risk. By the way even you can get H.I.V from the salon. The needles they use to sew weave on…….

‘’I fixed weave on only once when I went to Nabila’s wedding. Stop trying to change the subject.’’ Zee said.

‘’I am not going to change so deal with it.’’

‘’Fine’’ she said ‘’ I will tell Bashir’s wife. I am sure she will tell everybody.’’

‘’Don’t tell her I will stop having affairs. He pressed the unknown caller button   on his phone and called himself.’’

His phone rang. ‘’Hello, yes I am on my way.’’

He carried his bag and said ‘’it is an emergency.’’

‘’Emergency my foot, she said how do I know if it isn’t your new girlfriend.’’

Faruk went out and banged the door. She ran to the door.

‘’Stop you can’t leave.’’

She sat down on her chair.

She picked her phone. She dialled furiously.

‘’He said he takes some anti-retroviral drugs.’’ I mean what does  that mean.’’

Zee said crying on the phone.

Calm down, said Ali. Faruk can change. Believe me you are not alone.

Plenty women are facing this issue. It is like there is an endemic of cheating men.

Zee started laughing.

‘’I have decided   to become a fashion designer.’’

‘’That is great’’ said Ali.

The   End.


9 thoughts on “”An Endemic Of Cheating Husbands Part 2”” by khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad)

  1. This post is confusing na. Reread you’ll see. It’s rife with errors and the arrangement just throws the reader. Please edit.

  2. Khadijah. I absolutely love what your story is about, and I love the style you chose to write it in – the epistolary can be a pain in d …to pull off.
    First off, I think your system or phone spoilt your paragraphing. Although I read the first part a long time ago, I could still get the gist, and I liked the story nothwithstanding its flaws.
    I only wonder why you didn’t follow up on your request. The story is in need of an edit.
    Well done. $ß.

  3. @khadijahmuhammad, long time no see.
    Why’d you end it like this? O.K , Zee is on the path to self discovery, but what else? Her marriage? Her relationship with her husband beyond now? Her blossoming friendship with Ali? Ali nko? Her life? Her relationships? Will she ever find true love? Possible scenarios——————-.
    My! Faruk is just as ignorant as Jacob Zuma. Are Anti-Retrovirals preventive medicines?
    You didn’t get tired of this story and wan’t to get done with it, no? Some typos in the mix too. Editing will sort out this drama. Keep writing.Keep your pecker up. You will only get better.

  4. Thanks @leroya, those possible scenarios make a lot of sense. Even if she is on a road to self-discovery, it has to result or have an impact on her marital life too. Maybe khadijah thought this would be less of a cliche. Write some more, so the endemic is reduced by the realization of one randy husband that home is where he ought to be.

    Didn’t even take note of ‘The End’ sef

  5. @daireeen,@Leroya,@sibbylwhyte, thanks for reading.I really tried hard with the editing but it didn’t turn out well.@daireen sorry for confusing you.@Leroy you are right one day I will try to expand it in to a 60,000 words novel but before it happens I have to become a great writer.At this moment I am struggling with the processes so I can only write short stories.That is why I wrote the End.

  6. Confusing, no doubt.
    Typos,punctuation errors, paragraphing issues.
    This needs thorough editing as earlier said

    I like the concept though. And the style of writing.
    Keep writing Khadija

  7. @Mimiadebayo thanks I will do my best to improve.Stay blessed.

  8. you rushed this. it was obvious in the dialogues. they were everywhere but you didnt land. there is still so much story to tell and i was shocked when i saw ‘the end’ at the end.

    look at this story again, look at the characters and try to enter into their heads as it were. give them life, what are their thoughts, their challenges and goals. why did you introduce them into the story, what did you have in mind?

    the first part introduced Ali, she wanted to toy with Faruk and started a chat with the wife. along the line, she changed. why? you didnt explore that fully. what about Zee appealed to her? did she remind her of someone dear or of herself at a much earlier stage of her life? was it Zee’s personality, fears and insecurities that won her over? there a lot of possibilities. you could introduce flashbacks in between the chats to show more about each character.

    we practically did not know aything about Faruk other than a cheating ‘bastard’ (pardon that). but let us know why. what are his motivations for cheating? does he have a fatal weakness for anything in skirts? or is because he was forced to marry Zee? did he have a lover then? let us know him. you gave us a tiny info that may explain his cheating but that is not enough.

    i think you should go back to the beginning, and take a look at your plot. flesh out the characters, and write about them in bits and pieces. there is a lot of potential in this


  9. Was a bitcomgusing but still interesting to read…dat faruk is a biological liar…he wont change

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