University Of Ilorin Prizes For Literature: Winners Emerge

University Of Ilorin Prizes For Literature: Winners Emerge

Winners have emerged in the recently concluded Literary Contests organized by this foundation for the undergraduates of University of Ilorin, Ilorin. They are:

Winner, 2013 UNILORIN/Esiaba Irobi Prize for Poetry


MARCUS ADENIYI OLAOLUWA (600Level, College of Health Sciences)

Gone, What I Wanted, Exam Blues and Every Good Thing Will Come


Winner, 2013 UNILORIN/Kunle Alabi Prize for Essay Writing

OLADELE Williams Olaide, (100Level, Faculty of Science)

Has Democracy failed Nigeria?



Presentation of prizes to the winners and other shortlistees was held on Monday, June 24, 2013 at the office of the Dean, Student Affairs, University of Ilorin, Ilorin.


Peter Akinlabi on the Poetry Prize Winner’s Work (Marcus Adeniyi Olaoluwa):


This poet has an amazing understanding of imagery that‘s very quaint

in a good way. His range of thematics is also rich. I like certain

turns of phrase in these poems that remark on a real energy of joyous

thoughtfulness in this poet: ‘She had sowed before she weaned’

(‘Everything Good Will Come’), ‘Swaying feathers in an excited hop’

(‘what I wanted’) and so on. I especially love the poem ‘What I

wanted’, simply beautiful! Although I suspect If he had gone easy on

the rhymes, if he had opted for a more liberal and enabling free

verse, he would have achieved a better mastery, especially in diction

and line tidiness.


Dr Luqman Abdulazeez on the Essay Prize Winner’s Work (Oladele Olaide):


This is the best essay among them all. It is critical, educative and

informative. Besides, the writing is matured, although could be too

hard to understand for people with lower education. Nevertheless, it

is a creative and imaginative writing with mature language and

expression. I strongly recommend the essay for the award. To me, it is

the best of all, albeit not the best we could get.


No Show for the Journalism Prize:


None of the entrants was able to convince me that their journalistic

output in the year under review deserves winning the prize named after

a brilliant investigative journalist, late Dele Giwa. None of the

entrants was able to demonstrate in the submitted works the qualities

that we have come to expect from investigative journalism. In all the

submissions I assessed, it was all a case of reports of events with

little background insight and quality opinion. However, I believe that

the duo of Hammed Muritala Opeyemi and Ibrahim Alamu have both done

enough respectable reportage on the University to deserve an honorable

mention. I commend them for their works.

— Samuel Okopi.


 No Show at all for the Short Story Prize

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