I see you in the sun’s eyes
In the untold mysteries hidden in d sky
If the sky ever spoke with time
You would be spelt out in awestrucking lines
And from thence forth,there would never be night

You are the mind of God
And the gospel’s tongue
You are the word
And your arm is so strong
You are the vieled heart of the world
And the angel’s song

And if the future should visit now
I bet we’ll know more
If there should be a prison break somehow
And those tales held hostage in the concience see sun
I bet we will see you
With no clothes on

You are the fire the eyes sees
But the mouth is afraid to speak
You are the sword of the concience
That pricks the heart and sense
You are the mystery of time

No matter how long you are hidden
No matter how strong is the secracy
No matter how silent you have been
No matter the twist of the conspiracy
You will always win

U will stand for the innocent
U will smite the guilty concience
U will judge with justice
And bring to the righteous,peace
You are the hope that will never sieze to exist

I wish I knew you,apart from knowing that you are TRUTH

3 thoughts on “Truth” by chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

  1. typos….lots of them….

    the truth always prevail…..

  2. Nice concept… Not well arranged

  3. GREAT Idea but not well-supported structurally

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