They Have Done a Lot

They Have Done a Lot

They blow their own trumpets
Through the tubes
That they have done a lot
And it’s true
They have done so much.

If you have witnessed the elections
Or have seen their mansions
If you have been to the public schools
And have been in the masses’ shoes
If you have heard of billions carted away
And hear what they have to say
About koboless graduates
Creating jobs without government aids
If you have seen hawking kids
Fending for their families
If you really have been with us
In this country,
Then you can’t but agree
They have done so much.

8 thoughts on “They Have Done a Lot” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. I couldn’t agree more…

    1. @sassystel
      Thanks for agreeing even more. I love your expression.

  2. Yes! This is it! Weldone Bro, I am sending you 20 points. Keep this up!

    1. @Sunshine
      Thank you Nicole, for the 20 points. What generosity! You are in deed a “Sunshine”.

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