The Sun rise in your eyes

The Sun and Moon rise in your eyes
The stars glitter in your sky.
Of your grace,oceans splash in awe
As you soar like the Eagle you are.

Lightnings rejoice in your rain
Thunder claps in majestic reign.
When you smile,
They go the extra mile.

The Galaxy and constellation,
Tonight in one association
Marks your existence
In royal effulgence.

Because the Sun and Moon rise
In your Eyes.

11 thoughts on “The Sun rise in your eyes” by sambright (@sambrightomo)

  1. Reads like the mind trail of a love-struck guy starring into the eyes of his beloved.
    True life experience?
    Or is it another @nicolebassey experience?

    1. hahahahahahahhahaaaa…nicolebassey experience? I like that,but it isnt.It’s simply vacarious just my muse getting the better of me.

    1. Thank you my Oga @kaycee,God bless sir.

  2. Laughing. At what Afronuts said. That s really nuts

    1. I beg @Hymar laugh o, because it is funny.

  3. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Hmmm! Man and nature’s approval of it’s BEING! Thanks for the awearness bro

    1. Thank you sir for dropping by.Me appreciate you sir.

  4. Ex-orbit-ant…(In †ђξ sense of ‘outside †ђξ orbit) that’s my take on this poem. It’s living itself
    Well done @sambrightomo

    1. Wow what a deconstructionist approach! Thank you for dropping your thoughts,I very much appreciate.Thank you.

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