The courier

The courier

He comes and whisks her away;

a package that needs to be delivered.

She is signed up at the door step.

But unlike other packages; she is never kept.


Feeling special,

she basks in the temporal sunlight of being needed.

Like boiling water, her beauty is slowly evaporating.

Suddenly, the courier stopped coming.


She still stands near the window;

waiting for the familiar sound of the courier but

it never came and never will come.

Another package has been discovered;

more enticing than she ever was

and she is left on the window sill wilting away.

17 thoughts on “The courier” by janefrances .c. maduka (@janefchiagozie)

  1. I love the way you wrote this… very concise.
    Very well done.

  2. @Chimzorom, Thank you! Hope to write more.

  3. If you know any runs-girl. Put it on FB or anywhere and tag them. The courier shall soon stop coming.

    Your Bio is frightening – 158 works? *shivers*

    Well done. $ß.

  4. @Bubbllinna, Thanks a lot. Actually, my works are more than that. I hope to publish whenever I meet the right publisher. See who’s shivering! You are a Head Wordsmith! Once I resolve the issues I have with my laptop, I hope to post more storie than just poems. Keep it up too! We are all sharpening our skills.

  5. Welldone @janefchiagozie, your message is clear in the poem. I can’t wait to read your prose. Good job.

  6. @Olajumoke, Thank you! I’ve posted just one short story since I registered; ‘Unsung heroes’.

    1. I will check it out @janefchiagozie. Thanks.

  7. nice….
    i think NS also has a publishing arm…you can contact @ogaoga about publishing your works…

  8. @topazo, thanks. I’ll check out the link.

  9. Nice piece n very easily understood.Well done

  10. Very well done.

  11. The poem is like a punch in the face, very energetic and concise, just the kind of poetry that’s archetypal (like orgasmic) and informative.

    Your unpublished works are watching time pass by in advancement chapters, the work may age. If mainstream publishing is a thorn in the flesh, why not go the self-publishing way, and if that’s costly, go online self-publishing (, it’s free and you publish your words your way while still building your network, soon a publisher would recognize you.

    Great work.

  12. @elovepoetry, thanks for your advice. I’ll have to research on self and online publishing. I just want to guard my copyright. Thanks once again.

    1. You don’t have to be afraid of your copyright @janefchiagozie, you own the copyright, control your sales, the style and the way your book appears. I too was skeptical when I was introduced to it by a friend of mine, author of The Poetry of Passion (for People with a Pulse),, but when I tried it it’s so liberating from the throes of mainstream publishing any upcoming author goes through. My book is copyrighted, no one can use it or download without paying for it (check here:

      I hope you try this, then one big publisher would stumble onto you and you would go global like Fifty Shades of Grey, it was published by an obscure house then it has sold over 70 million copies when one global publisher stumbled upon it, you never know.


  13. so true………………..excellent!

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