The Clip: Call for Submission

The Clip: Call for Submission


The Clip, a monthly print magazine, is accepting submissions for publication.


Length: 1500-2500 words for prose pieces. Occasionally we could consider serialisation of extremely long pieces if we find your work stunning and cannot but publish every word of it.

Categories: Environment, youth, literature, sports, health, information technology, politics, entertainment, and lifestyle.

Genre: For the non-literary pages of the magazine, we will accept all manner of writing – feature, creative non-fiction, essay, travel writing, bizarro. As long as it’s good, we’re with you.

For the literature pages, ditto. However, note that we will feature only poetry and prose here.

Submission: Pending when we can afford a submission manager, please send your submission via regular mail at In the subject line, specify (i) which of our stated categories you are submitting under, (ii) the first three words of your submission’s title, and (iii) your last name. Each bit of information must be in caps and separated by a period. For instance, if Niyi Osundare is sending an essay titled Birthdays are not for dying, this is what he’d do in the subject line: “ESSAY. BIRTHDAYS ARE NOT. OSUNDARE.”

Your submission must be accompanied by a brief cover letter containing who you are, what you do, how we can get back to you, and a line or two about your submission. Do not write us a treatise, please.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but seeing as we are a publication with a rather peculiar slant and style, we like to think your given work may not fit anywhere else but here – whatever its fate at the end of the day.

Submit only one work at a time and wait for a response before sending us another. Response time is between 2-4 weeks.

If you deem it necessary to include background information (text, pictures, etc) regarding the subject of your submission, please do.  We will be grateful for it. However, as it is not the main work, keep it short – 300 words max, and include it as a separate attachment.
Please note that, except we request for edits on accepted work, do not, at any point in the editing process, send us revised versions of previously submitted work.


DEADLINE: For works targeting the September, 2013 edition, make sure your submission gets to us before August 5, 2013. And for subsequent editions, submit four weeks before the targeted edition. For example, if you are submitting for December, 2013 edition, send in your work before October 31st 2013.

Payment: The Clip is a paying print magazine and we strongly believe in the compensation of writers for their work, therefore it is our plan to remunerate our regular contributors. It will be a TOKEN and this will only be possible after you must have worked with us for at least three editions. We may commission contributors who display prodigious talent and skills to write special features which will also be remunerated specially.

Also attach a photo of yourself, if that’s okay. JPEG format. On publication, each contributor will receive a contributor’s copy.

Inquiries: Ask us whatever you want here In the subject line, type, “INQUIRY”. To stay in touch with us and abreast of new developments like our Facebook page:
We look forward to working with you., …the exceptional deal



The Clip also the requests the services of the following:

Staff Writers (part time)


*Excellent writing skills

*Must be able to interview senior executives as well as the mechanic by the roadside
*Must be good at Editing and proof reading
*Excellent research skills
*Good at developing and maintaining relationships

*A University degree is just an advantage but not a requirement.

*Undergraduates, females are encouraged to apply

*Must have stable, relatively reliable and consistent access to the internet

Job Responsibilities:

•Researching and writing brilliant and well vetted editorial content
both online and print
•Working on special reports
•Developing and nurturing new content and commercial ideas
•Sourcing for news, exclusives and conducting interviews
•Meeting Deadlines which can be as short as five days is a strict requirement

Categories: Environment, youth, literature, sports, health, information technology, politics, entertainment, and lifestyle.



Verbal and written English with strong communication skills
Decent Information Technology skills


Rate of commission and bonuses will be made available during interviews. It is important to note that after the third edition, staff writers will be paid according to work done and in line with our in house payment guideline. Arrears and bonuses will be paid to pioneering writers.



Sales Representatives



*The marketing and sales of subscription to the Magazine,
*Sales of Advertisements slots in the magazine
*Attracting good business for the magazine


*Committed, ambitious, proactive, independent, resilient and enthusiastic

*Efficient at establishing webs of profitable network and excellent in relationship management.
*Good communication skills, confidence & impeccable character.

*As this is a magazine with a bias for youth, undergraduates of higher institutions have an added advantage.

*Knowledge and understanding of finance, business and
wealth creation issues

*Limited formal education is no barrier.



Rate of commission and bonuses will be made available during interviews.

NB: A candidate who is sure of his/her ability may apply for the two positions.


Qualified candidates should contact 08067371273 and send CV to


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