Ten Tips to Winning Big Brother Africa/Nigeria

Ten Tips to Winning Big Brother Africa/Nigeria

In lieu of Big Brother Africa, Again!< I have thought long and hard as to what it would take to win the competition and come up with:

Ten tips, guaranteed to win Big brother!

  1. Cook and clean: Everyone loves the person that provides food, but do you know who is more loved?; the person that also does the dishes, and doesn’t make a lot of fuss about it. You’re living in the house, rent free, with a huge jackpot in the end, what’s a couple of dishes, even for three months!

Watch out though! You may want to occasionally get frustrated; niceness doesn’t win the prize.

  1. Be hyper: Nobody has time for the nice, sweet brother or sister; you’re playing two games, the audience and the housemates. You want the audience to remember you, not refer to you as ‘that guy/ that girl’. Liven up the house, disobey ‘big brother’ once in a while, but use your sense! There’s a thin line between hyper, fun loving, and just irritating loud mouth; find the balance.

  2. Be funny: Everyone loves the joker! Play pranks, but within reason! Playing pranks and joking around, keeps you memorable, you want to create an effect, such that the housemates can’t imagine you leaving and the audience wants to keep you in, just for the spice of it.

  3. Don’t form any alliances until in a dire situation: Nope, do not do it. What if you make alliances with the weak guys, or make alliances with the people the audience hates? Once you’re in a clique, you’re in, if you break alliances, you will be mistrusted by the audience and the housemates and next nominations, you’ll be waving tah-tah to the house and your money! Be the all around guy, big brother, big sister, empathize, counsel and show no partiality, until you identify the loved crowd.

P.s, it may help to keep a diary on everyone, record the nominations and watch for a trend. Record drama and noticed alliances and map your way to the finish line.

  1. Throw in a love connection, but play it cool though: Love works! Pick an unlikely person(s) in the house(love triangles are even better), yup, the kind of person that would have everyone wondering ‘why him/her?’ Stay away from the obvious, yes, even if he/she likes you; this is a game and you want to win, no? Don’t worry about love, you can get that after you win the cash!

Be romantic and spontaneous, ask big brother for things for them, be concerned for them, but play it cool, nobody wants to watch you love struck and rosy eyed (yawn).

  1. Diary session, don’t be overly confident or manipulative: Human being, don’t go into the diary room being all cocky, and over confident, be humble; stay humble. Don’t tell your audience all your plans; then you become predictable and predictable is boring. Be confident; let the audience in on one or two of your game plans; so you gain their respect. You plan is to play it cool, but not be so cool that you come off as impassive and unbothered; everyone knows you want that money, it’s okay to show that side once in a while.

  2. Be ‘real’ open minded, yet often dropping curve balls: One of the reasons Karen and no one else won the game was because she was ‘real’. She spoke her mind and didn’t need to gossip. Gossip is for the weak and cowardly, you my next Big brother winner are neither.

Surprise the housemates and the audience by dropping unexpected emotions, remember, you’re already the cook and clean up, funny, memorable and kinda emotional guy- decide to go on strike!

  1. Get moody: Following up on the previous point, get moody. Make a 180 personality shift, and dont explain why. You need people to wonder what you’re up to, wonder why the clean-cook, funny, hyper, in love, down to earth guy is shut up and quiet, but play it cool. Pick only one or two occasions, the audience might get turned off and think you’re a baby.

  2. Dance a lot-(female) seems to have helped Karen and Cherise! : When Big brother throws a party, party, remember, you have to be memorable and interesting. Get ‘drunk’; kiss the wrong, guy/girl; pick a fight, make a random soliloquy, pee in the roses, but behind this, have a plan. So say if you kiss the wrong girl (or someone else’s girlfriend), it’s not about the kiss, it’s about what you do next .Plan ahead, you want people talking about what you did in drunken stupor, but in a good way.. Always have a plan.

  3. Be a Phoenix, not a roasted chicken: Lastly, have an emotional story, your parents abandoned you, and you were poor growing up/homeless, something really sad. Warning: the point to this is not to seem like life has defeated you, a percentage of your audience is going through life as well; the point here is; rising out of the ashes! Phoenix, you overcame it and now you are something, you’re not there yet, but you have dreams and that’s why you need the audience to give you the money.

            Play it cool, have a plan from the day you get drafted in the house: Don’t get lost in the game, you need the money, that’s why you are going to bare your bum to all of Africa and the world! It’s true you don’t know your house mates and just like you, someone else has a plan, so make a diary and watch your housemates; take notes and be prepared to switch the game up. Play mind games, buy front row tickets into the audiences’ heads and live there!

9 thoughts on “Ten Tips to Winning Big Brother Africa/Nigeria” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    WOW! This is amazing! Gosh, @mobola you should do this more often, or open a consulting firm, or go get the big bucks. Best written article I’ve read in a month. Kindly accept 20 Ns points. You nailed this!

    @Olan @Olaedo @itsabum @enoquin @queenobo @Jeffsaraurmax @mimiadebayo @ibagere @ayomitans @topazo @elovepoetry … you might like this. : )

    1. @nicolebassey aaaw thanks hun! n double thanks for the points ^_^ I dont have the guts to enter big brother, my family wouldnt even let me attempt! They would do vigil for me!

  2. Well said….but I don’t agree with everything…
    The secret to winning BBA is clear…just be ORIGINAL and have an IDENTITY also be in the news either for the wrong or right reason… Keep all this in mind and you’ll be smiling home with the CASH$$

    1. @kingobozy shey you’ll enter the competition and prove the theory? LOL thanks for coming by!

  3. Hmmm….. Me I kuku don’t see sense in the big brother thing…… Everything is sex sex sex……….

    1. @kodeya some people find it entertaining

  4. Mobola!! This beats Tale of Aikume. Means you’ve been following BBA like crazy or maybe you are a genius who just figured it out after a few showings.

    Now that you already know the secret, lemme tell you the truth; Walk in for the auditions next year and give this piece to the judges and you’ll be on your way to S A or wherever, and of course, you will come back richer! Or better still, take this off NS, identify the housemate that wld enter next year, give it to him or her, so when they win, you will get your percentage. It’s a win-win.
    This was downright funny…
    Well done, Bola…$ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte, I hope someone reads this and enters BBA and wins the money! As for me entering, hmm, my family would hold family meeting and maybe take me to bar beach to get some good flogging into my system!

      1. Ha Ha!

        Great article! very on point! And yes, most families would freak out at the idea of putting in. (Yet they watch.)

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