Running shoes

I tell my friend John Paul
that in an earthquake all broken things break together.
Since then,
we spend most nights trying to unmask most things,
Like metaphors
and melancholy.
I tell him
between the ages of 16 and 20
I had saved up enough time to buy my heart some running shoes.
He tells me,
“With all the glittering chandeliers the darkness still don’t disappear.
Some things you can never run away from”
I’m guessing he meant love.

On most days, I build a levee to hold back the ocean behind my eyelids.
It hurts to love you.
It hurts more when I leave and I am without you.
But I have learnt that
You can find every letter of brave in vulnerability.
So if one must break then it is best to shatter.
I do not know if it is best for me to walk away.
I have no clue if all of this will be nothing more than a faded jeans memory.
But I know I search for your smell in almost every person I meet.
I know how I feel when your front door opens and you are standing right in front of me.
I know that this is love, all of it.
The type so strong that it will frighten almost anyone.
The type that would make anyone want to run away.

7 thoughts on “Running shoes” by Aurora Anne (@bugganni)

  1. Brave, vulnerability. Hmm.

  2. Awww…there is a sad sweetness in this that makes it a lovely read. An artiste like Christina Perry or Taylor swift could make this into a beautiful song.
    My chorus for it is,

    I’ve got me some running shoes
    trying to run far away from you.
    But your love is right behind too
    holding on to these running shoes.

    Well done, Nita. I like. $ß.

  3. Thank you all for your comments @sibbylwhyte and @Yeniee

  4. beautiful….

  5. @bugganni…do me a favour, tag me everytime you write some poetry. There is music to your poems, darn colorful music. These poems of yours just wow me every single time…seriously! Just tag me, i don’t wanna miss it….them

  6. @ayomitans Hello again, many thanks for your comment. I will make sure to tag you whenever I submit any of my poems on here. I am also thinking of going back to writing prose: short stories and all. So, I will also tag you if I have any short stories to submit.

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