Betrayals and Funerals -9

“Hello, Kemi.” Pastor B was the first to break the awkward silence. “Hi, Pastor B.” I replied, shifting my gaze from Delia. “Kemi, hello.” Delia spoke finally. “I…I was just coming to see you.” “Really?” We hadn’t spoken since the last time we met. I was beginning to think I’d been a little too harsh … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals -9

Shando Hilton

Slowly the sun rose, burning up the haze, allowing the building to come into view. An ugly monstrosity with a size incongruous with the surrounding areas. This was Shando. In 2011, OK Security had approached the British government about helping it reduce the cost of prison services. What this company offered, was to take foreign prisoners from Britain to … Continue reading Shando Hilton

The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Three)

Ukeme was hesitant at first. But he received the coconut without looking back at the fairy princess. ‘My princess but…’ ‘Not buts. The only place for butts in the life is the ash tray. Leave all the butts there. Go and share that coconut without dividing it. In seven years from today I will come … Continue reading The Coconut Conundrum (Episode Three)