Night Party

We thought we would enjoy ourselves
Round the clock from twelve to twelve
In may, a few days to June
We were drawn out by the tune.
Democracy, cool dance, so cool
So we were taught in school.
All would become part of the dance.
That on deck, will be all hands.

And so here we are since may
Like children, waiting to play
Under the glare of the full moon
To rehearse the dance in June.
Our tongue laden with songs to sing
We would dance the night away
And forever forget our years of pain.

Now here we are, pregnant with thoughts.
Thoughts of how Africa will learn from us
Dreaming of how we used to be a giant.
Here we are full, like a woman pregnant.
After two dance sessions unable to move
We are yet in this dance, to feel the groove
When the singers sing unknown songs
And the players beat a strange gong.

So democracy, we have heard so much about
Was nothing but a nasty bout
A very sluggish movement
That reminds us of a better government.

8 thoughts on “Night Party” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. dancing to a tuneless song……nice poem

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Nice .. !

    1. 10Q so much

  3. Well done with this.

    1. @kaycee
      Well, thanks a lot.

  4. This poem speaks of different things and lends itself to different interpretations.

    Nice job….I like the subject matter…though it seems to translate into relative meaning for every reader. That means it works as a work of art.

    1. @Afronuts
      Thanks for you your encouragement.

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