Lights out

WARNING: May contain strong language.

“If I write what I feel, it’s to reduce the fever of feeling” – Fernando Pessoa

There is a reason for fucking with the lights out.
It has nothing to do with hiding our monsters away.
They already reside in the darkness of our insides,
juggling our organs,
hidden by our skin.
Inside is their hiding place.
With the lights out,
they come out,
fill up an entire room
and remain unseen.
But people can feel them.
People always do.
They know that we are trying to fuck the pain away.

8 thoughts on “Lights out” by Aurora Anne (@bugganni)

  1. kevin (@kevindkind)

    Hmmm! It’s interesting to wanner know what goes on the dark side of us when the light isn’t their to light it up! Nice

  2. kevin (@kevindkind)

    …Obviously, does dark side of us, comes out to play, when the light goes off. I don’t agree that they shouldn’t be allowed to come out (when the light goes off). Don’t u agree? Of cause, ur the sensual commentary. U should know better. Not bad!

  3. @bugganni…very you. Your viewpoint is unusual as usual…the rawness of the feeling is very evident and almost surrealistic in its flow…there is also the jovial darkness i like about your work, and that way you step out of the way to let your reader honestly access your thoughts- no lexical trimmings or feints…good write.

    However, i think your style is something that is of a sufficiently good quality it should not be limited to the sensual or romantic…your poem “tell us where you come from…” is an excellent example of how adaptable your voice is…it will resonate louder on issues like that (the inbuilt honesty for one).

    When i was reading a piece on Ikhide’s blog: ( the fourth paragraph reminded me of that poem…the love poems are great and i do not presume to tell you what to write, but just consider expanding the range is all….

  4. Nice poem. I particularly like the relationship between what was said and what was whispered in this poem. Well done.

  5. A rare approach to poetry.

    I like the way you were able to do a vivid exposition on sex without being out-rightly erotic. Even the use of your vulgar language seeks its own expression of emphasis for the situation. You have painted the secretive act of copulation as a habitual action that is actually amplified beyond the lights being switched off…

    In the likeness of legends of people changing to werewolves at night, the lights going out are the night we experience and our sexual engagements become the rousing of the werewolves in us.

    Its no wonder a famous poet refers to the act of sex as ‘The beast with two backs’.

    Powerful piece. Well done!

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