Head over Heart

Head over Heart


With you, I was tall, dark and strikingly handsome

In my round pot belly, average height and chubby physique


You would press your breasts against my chest and look slightly up into my eyes

And make me promise never to let you go. For to you, I was a cherished prize


With you, I was funny. And also very smart

Full of hearty laughter, making me solve questions you sometimes already answered


With you, I was strong in muscles and fantastic beneath the sheets

And random thoughts of you made my blood rush with fervid heat


With you I was a man; a teen and a little boy.

Caring, loving and mature, sometimes irrational and outright silly


I was also a saint with you, my many imperfections utterly unnoticed

Never tiring to make peace, most times soothing irrational anger


You knew how to make my heart rejoice

When dinner came with your special shredded beef sauce


And embraced the smell of my morning breath,

As Dusk, the aroma of the Night Queen’s scent


I’m not the same without you- I understand this statement better

But the after taste of this revelation is so awfully bitter


Yet I turned around and walked out of your life,

With my skin torn away by will and logic, my own surgical knives


I screamed, in tears and ineffable pain, drops of which I now consider vain

For how can man be complete without skin? A thought revisited over and over again


One birthday has passed and with it, 86 Fridays apart

And not a day has gone by without a craving for your luscious lobster tart


The ways we would lock in passionate embrace,

The sound of that click so loud upon first gaze


With you I was in love. With you, I was surely loved.

Without you, my heart remains empty, yet exceedingly heavy


In the days to come, I may be locked onto another

Yet, the sound of our click will resonate forever


Much louder than that of any other

Shattering the silent cradle of our gentle earth mother

6 thoughts on “Head over Heart” by Kay (@Kay)

  1. Love is ready to overlook the imperfections, sad that little things make us let go of love.
    Keep writing, Kay. Well done. $ß.

  2. not bad…welldone

  3. The rhymes are dope.

  4. I feel you,man.

  5. Many thanks guys. @Bubbllinna, I’ve grown to understand that love alone is not enough for marriage. Yet it is said that love endures all things. It may not have been love we shared then, but I’m certain that I’ve never felt anything closer. @LeroyA, its nice to know u feel me. Again, many thanks guys.

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