Flames to Dust, Lovers to Friends

‘At dawn, is the beginning of joy to relief the paradox of good in the dark’, a premise torn in between our ever selfish desires.

Often on the fence, some prefer the sun set, the feeling of pain never ends, that bottle, rolling papers, the leaves and other things. That quenching fire, that sets out all burning desire.

The Universe in its parallel context, time is the measuring factor. Forever is in eternity, at the time of our creator.

We wake up each day with the quest, is it our mind, our heart, our body, our spirit? Hanging on to our dear minds, addicted to our indecisions.

He sent his only beloved Son, who died for us, so the continuous cycle for which we crave, could be lived again.

One man’s food is another man’s poison, the birth of life here, is a demise of life elsewhere, misunderstanding of virtues is at the pinnacle of communication.

Inequalities reign in the sense that one feels his life is not in Vain, the best part of the day is night, we live in Oblivion solely sourced by ignorance.

Meaning left to float on the surface without penetration because we crave to misinterpret to our content, so we can breathe again. Nocturnal against Day rider.

She communicates right about now, to meet her outside on my patio. The conversation is short-lived, she turned her back, and there goes my ‘love’, the only understanding virtue in this tumultuous cycle.

I take my seat on the front porch again, as I sip on my tea. The end of a reflection, it has been a long time coming. Is it a myth conceived as reality or reality not yet conceived?

We neglect our observations and understanding of creation, hoping to remain forever in this beauty of creation, where is the good in all of it? I ask myself repeatedly.

No one knows the minute of the hour of the day, as that is inevitable.

What do we see as good? What do we see as bad? Why is it bad? Why is it good? There is a realm we fail to diverge into incommensurable to any other. The secret to eternity, and the answer to all Mankind.

A sacrifice made by his only beloved Son so it will never end. The love of our creator, why do all good things come to an end?

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  2. Above all powers ,above all kings

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