Devil with a bright smile

Bright eyes that illuminates the mind
shines brighter than head lamps
she has a good heart, you think!
Such thoughts sentences your heart
You are caged, forever you are

You need to be strong to spill
when you get it out of you
You hope you get a green
Like being stuck in traffic
You can’t take your eyes off the light
and all you focus and think about is her

When you get a yes
You feel like you just got a fix
You are addicted
a cold night doesn’t go without thoughts and acts

Now your heart is saturated
with thoughts of her
You can’t even breath
And you call her your angel
That can’t be
She’s your devil with a bright smile

2 thoughts on “Devil with a bright smile” by Tolase Ajibola (@Blaise007)

  1. Hehehe.
    Why can’t she be an angel ehn?
    If you love, wahala. If you no love, wahala..
    Well done, Blaise. $ß.

  2. Hummhh…. just what i thought

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