Betrayals and Funerals – 6

Delia and I spent the rest of the morning together. I had to admit it wasn’t as fun and cosy as it used to be. Before we always had Shirley to talk about; her latest escapade, her latest whim or latest crush. Now we had to search for what to say. Little else interested me.
Mo, on the other hand had disappeared inside since Delia arrived. He hadn’t even come to say hi to her which was quite unusual.
“So…what are your plans?” I heard Delia ask.
She blinked. “I mean…you’re not…eh…you’re no longer a mother. You can do anything you want.” Her words came in a rush.
It was the wrong thing to say and she knew it. Her words hit me in the chest and suddenly I couldn’t breathe. I was no longer a mother. The words rang in my ears.
At that moment I wanted to hit her. How dare she?
“I’m, sorry, Kems. That was insensitive of me.”
“Damn right it was.” I hardly used cuss words except when I’m hurt or angry.
Right now I was a little of both.
“I didn’t mean it that way.” She apologised again.
I rose to my feet, my eyes beginning to cloud with tears. “Shirley never stopped me from doing what I want. Never imply that.”
“I’m sorry, Kemi.” She said once again before taking her leave.
As soon as the door closed behind her, I sank into the chair and cried my heart out. I knew why Del had made that statement. I’d gotten pregnant with Shirley in my final year of college which had cut short my plans of going on with my Masters career. Mo and I got married four months later against the wishes of Mother dear.
Being a mother had been a fulltime job for me which I took very seriously. I wanted to give my daughter the best childhood ever.
She was gone now…so where did that leave me? I hadn’t really thought about it before now. What indeed was I going to do with my life now?
Delia’s words had hit close to home but she had only told me a truth I was willing to avoid.
What next?
I didn’t know when I dosed off after crying. By the time I woke up, Mo had gone out. He had left me a note explaining that he had taken a walk.
The house was empty once again. The silence was deafening. I had to find something to do fast.
My phone rang at that moment. It was my Mother-in-law. I inhaled deeply before picking the call.
“Hello Mummy.”
“Well…I didn’t know you still had my number.” Her English was polished and well accented. It was no surprise; she’d spent a good amount of years on the shores of London.
“I do, Mummy.Don’t be surprised.”
“Good. I tried calling my son, but I couldn’t get through to him…where is he?”
It was always “my son” and never “your husband”. I was used to it. Mo was hers. I was in no mood to argue.
“He’s out now. I thought you spoke to him early this morning?” I asked. Did she miss him that much?
“I don’t remember doing so. Have him call me when he gets back.” Her tone was brisk.
I sighed. “Yes ma’am”
A small pause, then: “And how are you?”
“I’m fine. Just fine.” I lied. Not like she really cared.
“Good.” A click. She’d hung up.
As I dropped the phone, something tugged at the back of my mind…a bit of info I’d overlooked.
Then it hit me! Mo had lied. He’d said he was talking to Mummy last night…and she’d just said otherwise.
So who had he been talking to?
I picked my phone and dialled.
She picked up on the third ring. “Yes?”
“Mummy, I…just wanted to ask… are you flying into the country soon?”
“Yes. I told my son last week. Didn’t he tell you?”
“He did. I…uh…wanted to confirm.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be staying at the cabin. No need to bother how you’ll put up with me.”
“It never crossed my mind Mummy. You’re welcome to stay anytime.”
“Of course I am. It’s my son’s house isn’t it?”
“Yes. Yes, it is.” And my home. I wanted to add. “Good-bye ma.”
I hung up without waiting for her reply.
Mo had lied with the truth. Yes, Mummy was indeed flying in but he’d known that a week ago. He’d only told me last night when I asked about his mysterious phone call. What was going on? I resolved to have a talk with my husband when he got back…

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