Winners For The What If Contest

Winners For The What If Contest

The Judges and the Polls have spoken, and so we announce the winners of the What If contest

Judge selects the top two winners

1: What if every woman had an implanted sexual body counter? by Jill A – First Prize – N10,000

2; What if we could rewrite our memories by Raymond Elenwoke- Runner up Prize – N5,000

The Poll determines the public choice award

3. What If We Could Travel Through The Ground? by Telsumbini Mashi – Public choice Award – N5,000

Other Stories worth a honorable mention and awarded 1000 points each by NS are

What if maniac schizophrenia was curable but with a price? by Nicole Bassey

What if Nigerians were being controlled by the government? by Nnandez Godson Aniagudo

Congrats to all winners. Your points will be credited to you, and you can redeem them according to payment guidelines by the end of the month. Cheers!

18 thoughts on “Winners For The What If Contest” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. I just loved “What if every woman have a sexual body counter”. It is a very good idea. Congratulations to the winners…..

  2. I just loved “What if every woman have a sexual body counter”. It is a very brillant idea. Congratulations to the winners…..

  3. Deserving top two. However the public choices are like…….a joke joor…….winks…

  4. Wow! I’m really grateful for this! I’m clearly not a mind wrecking writer; in fact I really enjoyed some other stories more than I enjoyed mine! I am greatly honored to get the Public Choice Awards. Most of all, I’m grateful to have learned so much in these two weeks, since I am a new born to writing!

    A huge congrats to Raymond Elenwoke and Jill A. You guys are the best! You blew my mind!

  5. I really think “What If We Could Rewrite Our Memories” should have made it to first two… That’s my best!

  6. Thanks guys, and congrats to Jill A.

    1. Well done @raymond, not surprised at all.

      1. @isaac82, thank you oh! I don dey feel like say na me win sef…

  7. Thank you guys. I woke up to the news and it’s made my day. Thanks for all your kind comments. I really enjoyed reading the others’ stories and way envious of some storylines. Still cannot believe I won. Thanks a lot.

  8. Congrats guys!!! @raymond I see you bro!

  9. Lol, got the stories mixed up! Raymond wrote “What If We Could Rewrite Our Memories” and it was my best! Raymond you’re a genius jor!

    It means Jill A is a geniuseer!!!!!!!!!!! Big fan down here o!

    1. @francis and @Telsumbini_Mashi (dis ya name sef… haba!) thanks guys.

      1. @Raymond: I knoooww riight!!! But you should hear my siblings’ names! lol

  10. congrats to the winners….not surprised to see @raymond‘s name on top..he is the oga on top. congrats to Jill A…i actually loved the story very much

    1. @topazo, my Oga, this high expectations you guys have of me…I am humbled…Thanks a lot..

  11. Congratulations !

  12. Congratulations to the winners, I think most of the entries came up with interesting concepts but failed to develop it further. Now that the competition is over, they should think them through and turn them into great stories.

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