What If The Bini Empire Had Grown Into A Great Digital Metropolis?

What If The Bini Empire Had Grown Into A Great Digital Metropolis?

Fatima Abokaso, Benin City.
The Empire is not at rest; The British forces seek to colonise them with force.
Enoma saw it in the sky. That was not a star, thank the gods for a clear night such as this. The moon was full and bright; a true servant of Bini indeed. It had exposed the enemy. Enoma pocketed his cell phone sized, metallic, sonic-radiation receiver; and jumped on his power bike.
In fifteen seconds, he had dashed from the outskirts of the city, where high military towers stood guard; into the palace. The roads were long and deserted. The bitumen on its surface radiated under the truthful moon. There was a curfew at this hour, so only messengers of the throne such as him could walk freely. Soldiers, in their royal red uniforms, patrolled energetically. They were the king’s men; deployed by the Oba himself. They paid him no attention because they knew the groans of his famous power bike.
The people were afraid. Not even soldiers patrolling the streets, or the City’s famous moat, was true assurance anymore. Huge Metal towers, lit up like the sun itself, stood around the moat and also the City. Nothing got by it without being noticed. Nobody said it out loud, but they knew that their white enemies were not done with them.
Enoma jumped off his bike, and ran pass the guards. Everyone in Bini was used to his barging in. One of the guards actually waved the hurrying Enoma, but he didn’t notice it.
However one man did stop him. He stood on the other side of the door, where the Oba’s court lay. The Oba was seated, but he was horribly busy. It seemed that traders never got tired of nagging. There elected representative was here, blabbering about the fact that some stores in Oba market did not have power supply.
“Scout Enoma” General Akigbe called, stopping him from interrupting the Oba’s meeting. Of course tradition demanded that you wait your turn to see the king, and the general was full of tradition.
“In the old days” The General continued “Everyone had the right to see the Oba and complain. For the empire to stay true to its roots, some things just don’t have to change-”
“-The news I have is urgent.” Enoma said quickly. He swore that the General talked too much for a soldier.
Just then, Prince Agho walked in. He was less a mess than his younger brother. He looked like he would be the kind of Oba, who actually benefited from monarchy. He won’t even grant nagging traders a chance to come near the palace gates. Looking at him, holding a glass of wine casually, in one hand; just rang the alarms that the Empire might already have been coming to an end, before the white soldiers lay siege around the moats. The only reason the empire still stood was because the people loved Oba Eweka.
“Prince Agho” General Akigbe said inviting the prince “I was just telling the scout why Bini doesn’t need Senators, or any of that democracy rubbish the rest of the world is enslaved under.”
“Indeed” The prince said half drunkenly “There is just too much corruption with that kind of government- too much.”
“The City of Kano let religion wash away her dignity” The general spat “We are united by our ancestral laws.”
“Indeed. We have Christians here don’t we? Yet, we remain. That Emir is nothing but a puppet to those white pigs. They can’t do that to us, never!”
“You said you had urgent news” The General reminded.
“We are in danger” Enoma began, glad that the stupid politics talk was over. “The enemy cannot cross the moats because our deadly towers are over looking it, so they want to take the sky.”
“Our towers can soften aircrafts too.” The prince teased.
“They intended to use teleportation technology. Their light travel satellite is above us, disguised as a star. That kind of satellite needs to be directly above its destination.”
“So we’ll wake up one morning, and see war tanks and enemy soldiers on our streets.” The General said laughing bitterly.
“We will not be disgraced!” The prince swore, matching to meet his father.
“That kind of technology is expensive, but they have finally laid their hands on it.” Enoma said more to himself, “The satellite is too far out for our towers to shoot down.”

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  1. It doesn’t seem complete and the story itself doesn’t answer the question of the title, to me.
    But you brought a new genre to the table – traditional sci-fi… Nice.
    Well done, Fatima. $ß.

  2. hmm..nice attempt

  3. Wow, this is nice! You managed to capture the kind of military senerio that could actually happen! “they cannot take the moat because our deadly towers are overlooking it so they plan to take the sky…” you also briefly displayed some of the economic aspects of this great empire too. Nice work!

  4. Hmmm…interesting read. I enjoyed it. It does seem incomplete though.

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