What if Nigeria lost its Identity?

What if Nigeria lost its Identity?

Name: Writeman,  Location: Lagos.

‘A story that looks at the possibility of a culture swap; whether for good or for evil?’


“What is the name of this entity on planet earth?”
“She is called Nigeria!”
“Are her statistics favorable?”
Yes, they are: she has two distinct weather types, vast arable land, large reserves of crude oil, abundant mineral resources, extensive coastlines, industrious people, the list is exhaustive. It appears we have hit the jack pot on this one”
“ Hmmmn..it appears so. What of her defenses and military capabilities? Are they formidable?”
“They are well below those of other nations of the western hemisphere, that we have already visited.They are best primitive!”
“Good, very good. And what were the demands of their leaders?”
“A zillion nairas, money already available from our previous conquests!”
“ And how long will it take for the delanguization process to be completed?”
“Given the population of the country- our estimates put it at over 140 million- we hope to achieve this in a few days time!”
“ How so?”
“The distribution of the delanguillators will be carried out through their three tiers of government; from the federal, state and the grass roots, until every Nigerian is in possession of one, with our help of course. Then the process is achieved simultaneously!”
“Alright then. Tomorrow’s meeting beckons. All must be readied.”
“Yes, Lord Venisus!”


The atmosphere at the spot where the first set of African slaves were traded in Badagry, Lagos, called the Point of No Return, was convivial.But its selection for the meeting with the Visitors had been tumultuous.The argument had been intense and heated amongst the various government-appointed representatives of the various ethnic groups in the country. Places like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and Calabar had been put forward. In the end, the Point of No Return had been unanimously selected because of its history and because the appointed delegates wanted to pass a clear message to The Guests from outer space that Nigeria was a proud, independent nation.

Excited whispers greeted the arrival of the V-Craft, which suddenly emerged from the horizon. As it made its landing, not a few hearts admired its magnificence. Soon, the Lord Venisus appeared by teleportation along with a few aides. After exchanging pleasantries with the delegates, he took his place at the discussion table, amid resounding applause.

With a wave of the hand, Mallam Dongoyaro, the delegate representing the North-East commenced proceedings. “We welcome you, Lord Venisus to our home. Now to the matter of your proposal; you would like to have a merging of the cultures of our civilizations?”

Lord Venisus gave an assured smile. “Yes , Mallam. We are representatives of the Avian race; millions of galaxies away and we have been given the mandate to discover and integrate with other races in this solar system. And we hope to achieve this by way of a two-way transference of our cultures and languages!”

“And explain to us how you intend to go about this?” shot Otunba Makun, who had earlier voiced his reservations about the whole arrangement.

Lord Venisus noticed the uneasiness. “It is quite simple, Otunba. Although we are light years ahead of you technologically, we have developed a methodology suitable for you.This process will be achieved with the use of this piece of equipment” he paused, holding up the delanguillator for all to see. “With this worn on the head, the bearer will have access to our ways of life as well as speak our language.

“How is it that you can already speak English and our native languages?” asked Obong Orok.

“The answer is simple. Our mental faculties have evolved to advanced levels, over the last millennium and the delanguillator is just one of a million devices found in our brains. Hence our easy assimilation and your need for this external replica.”

“And you are willing to pay for its attainment?” shot Mazi Okonkwo, unable to hide his excitement at the expected pay-out.
“Yes,Mazi. To the tune of a zillion naira and more, if you so desire!”

After the question/answer session had ended, the delegates excused themselves for further deliberation. After a short while, they returned with the news of their unequivocal support for the proposal.

“When do we commence?” asked Ote Amuche, the head delegate.

Lord Venisus’ exterior mien masked the rapturous feelings within him.
“In two or three day’s time, when every Nigerian is in possession of the device”

What he did not say was that it would also be the time it would take for all the local Nigerian languages to go into extinction, for the enthronement of the V-language.

19 thoughts on “What if Nigeria lost its Identity?” by Writeman (@writeman)

  1. Stereotypes…

    The 2nd part, with the italics (formatting issue?) was a bit vague.

    Few issues:
    1) If the V-craft (no subtely) landed, why the need for teleportation? It would’ve been a bit better if you’d used one or the other.

    2) Lack of description. What do the Avian race look like?

    3) The appearance of strange men and a strange aircraft will definitely not evoke applause, least of all from Nigerians.

    4) I know this is futuristic n all, but I don’t really buy the fact that a few men are willing to negotiate with alien beings they have never seen before.

    I think you had a brilliant idea that somehow went off in the wrong direction. Good writing though, but your story needs some tighening.

    Good luck.

    1. @raymond
      Thanks for your commentary. With the italics, it has to do with formatting issues. Will work further on this.Mucho gracias, again

  2. Brilliant idea!

    I agree with Ray’s assessment of the story. A few holes need plugging – but otherwise.

    Good job.

    1. @Seun-odukoya. Thanks for reading.I guess Raymond assessment is the corners stone of my piece LOL. All the best.Cheers

  3. Lord Venisus (wish you named him Englishus) and his men are just speeding up what’s happening to our local languages. What, with more people claiming that they only speak english, in feigned accents to boot…our languages would be extinct soon.
    Ray’s comments are on point. U can still work on the story, for your own collection.
    Well done, writeman. $ß.

    1. @ Bubblina
      Thanks for reading.And for good measure, maybe my re-write will bear Lord Sibbyllius (LOL). Cheers

  4. hmm, nice idea but the execution was a bit poor. @raymond has said all the issues i had with it. well done

    1. @topazo.
      Thanks for stopping by. Will do more work on the peice.Cheers.

    1. @Olan.
      Nagode sosai, aboki na. Thanks for taking the time to read. Cheers.

  5. Nice concept…

    1. @ablyguy

      It is nice that you find my concept nice. Thanks a mill. Cheers

  6. Nice concept bro, just that it needs touching up some spots as observed by @raymond. Once again, it’s a nice concept.

    1. @femidebonaire

      Thank you for comments.cheers.

  7. I enjoyed reading.

    1. Thank you for reading.All the best. Cheers

  8. I found this to be quite original but not well developed. Keep improving your art.

    1. @chemokopi

      From an oga at the top LOL. Thank you for reading and yuor comments.Cheers.

  9. well-thought out

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