What If Manic Schizophrenia Was Curable But At A Price?

What If Manic Schizophrenia Was Curable But At A Price?

Nicole Bassey, Nigeria.

A raving lunatic is cured of insanity through new scientific advances but the side effects threaten his future greatly.


I do not suffer insanity, I enjoy every minute–Edgar Poe

Eket-Atlantic State, Deltania (Former Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria) August, 2113.

It’s been fifteen years since Nigeria split into seven sister states; ten, since I was reconfigured. The technology for Operation RESCUE–REconfigure Schizophrenics &CUre Electronically had been available for years but the Mental Health Foundation got approval for human testing in 2101. We were pioneers. The goal was to cure schizophrenia by creating Schloids–a hybrid species, part man, part android.
Thereafter, we received intensive rehabilitation and the best academic training available. Some of us became doctors, lawyers, actors and artists. I became a nuclear physicist. Cerebral implants magnified my mental abilities, I became a super-genius overnight. Miraculously, the voices vanished, the restlessness too. The side effects were trivial before I met Tari. Now they are terrifying. Would Tari accept me? Riddled with permanent sterility and loss of all memories but one? On cue, the lone memory plays back…

I walk down a deserted beach at twilight. My hair flaps behind me in clumps and my stomach growls. A whiff of roasted fish teases me in the wind. I sniff, but it’s gone. Dogs bark in the distance, waves crash onshore. Above me the sky is a canvas of colour, blue, orange,purple. Voices thunder in my head. I shout back but they scream louder. Waves lick my ankles, salty water stings cracks in my calloused feet. Lights appear from my right. I turn and head towards the rocks. They chase me in large black trucks. I run faster, if I make it to the rocks I’ll be safe. Something hits me and I fall. Then there’s sweet warm darkness.


The Foundation provided jobs. Mine was at a nuclear power plant at Eket. I met Tari at an ecology conference. She looked astonishing in a biege dress that hugged her ample curves. We were the same hieght, 5″10″ and the same shade of cocoa butter brown. After we met, things fell into pleasant rhythm. Tari was my love and my soulmate. For the past six months I have avoided talking about my past. Now I have decided to tell her. It is torture imagining rejection but worse living in limbo. This is my chance,a shot at happiness or doom and I’m taking it.

We strolled down the park  in sync. Tari ‘s long black tresses danced in the wind, implants, but they suited her beautifully. An avid photographer she kept clicking away with her Camero glasses. I pushed my hand into my pockets and felt the ring in my right and the Kleenex in my left. My heartbeat trebled. I hoped I wouldn’t need the Kleenex.
We found a comfortable place and set out our things. She wore an emoticon on her neck. It glowed green, which meant she was happy.
“Baby , I need to talk to you.” I said.
The green turned brown–uncertainty. She came closer and our eyes were level. I held her in a loose embace, drinking in her sweetness for what might be the last time.
“Tari , you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. The past six months have been the best of my life. You have made me love in ways I never thought possible. I want to spend forever with you.”
My throat was burning. Too late, I had to finish this.
“But first I need to tell you something. I am a schloid and I am sterile. I know it is hard but if you love me and you believe we can work it out…
I knelt down “will you please marry me?”
Tari knelt beside me, crying. I dabbed the tears with my Kleenex. Fear gripped my heart and wrung it like a cloth.
Tari wiped her eyes and whispered
“Alan, I know. I have always known. I was an intern at the Foundation when you were brought in.”
I froze, she kept talking.
“There are ten billion people in the world, we can adopt, clone, or forgo parenthood…. Yes, I will marry you.”
I hugged her so hard my arms ached, I was crying too. We cried,laughed and held each other. Her emoticon burst into a rainbow of colour. It was real. I was loved, i was wanted. I was ecstatic, no I was Ecstasy, Tari loved me! For the first time in my life I felt complete.

47 thoughts on “What If Manic Schizophrenia Was Curable But At A Price?” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. Ahh….

    Sickly-Sweet. Syrupy. Well-written.

    I like your use of commonplace stuff – emoticon, glasses…

    You’re brilliant.

  2. This piece has been diagnosed with brilliantiosis. Absolutely brilliant.
    The opening paragraph was appetising. However, I expected more from the closing paragraph. I needed the WOW factor.
    But brilliant all the same! Cheers!

  3. Really cool

  4. Q: What if schizophrenia could be cured?
    A: everyone would be mentally stable.
    Check the oversight: hieght – height.
    ‘Twas a good read.
    Well done, Nicole. $ß.

  5. oK…I did something wrong here. Still don’t know wah it is tho.

    1. @shaifamily, just sip a cup of tombo and you’ll know, lol!

      1. @francis Shey u want to offer or u r just saying?

  6. bishop (@bishopandy)

    like what you did with the date…………it was well written

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      @bishopandy ! Thanks for reading and everything.

  7. Nice… Really nice

  8. hmmmm…..what if she had said no?

    this was sweet, a ray of sunshine (pun intended)…
    well done

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      @Topazo urrgh scary…
      Thanks for reading :-)

  9. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    Dont really enjoy these

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      @Fadehan I dont enjoy your comments either. If you don’t have anything constructive to say please keep scrolling. This is the third time you are saying something insensitive about my work. Everybody can’t like the same things. Read the writers you enjoy and stay away form those you don’t. Rocket science, I know, but very practicable. Thanks for reading.

  10. Lived up to the expectation of the mother of the contest. Sunshine are you a medical doctor?

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      Hian! @ablyguy mother of the contest ke? abeg o! You know I always like reading/hearing your view. Thank you. Dalu.

  11. A romantic Science fiction story. Very interesting.

  12. if schizophreniacs could be cured? that would be awesome. sunshine without mincing words your imagination is powerful and the story is simple and well told – good jib

  13. When I think of such a time as you wrote about, and all the technological advances you wrote about, it’s really hard to picture a beach in the setting; but who knows, all is possible, Fashola can’t sand-fill the whole of Lagos State even if he wanted to : )

    I enjoyed it quite well…well done!

  14. Nice one @nicolebassey! You were able to capture a lot in a short story. I love it!

  15. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Thanks @jefsaraurmax you have given me a lift and I appreciate it. We have missed you on site. : )

  16. @nicolebassey

    Please extend to other mental illnesses and put love in the mix. Loved it.

    My favorite part – ‘I pushed my hand into my pockets and felt the ring in my right and the Kleenex in my left.’

    Two possible outcomes beautifully described. Well done.

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      Thanks @funpen :-) , you are so kind .

  17. i loved this, and i won’t say what has been written concerning the very minor errors spotted, but to me it sounded like non-fiction i had to check twice whether i had read correctly or you had mis-categorized it…. great work, keep it up.

  18. Awww…humanoid love. Good thing Tari accepted. Otherwise our Schloid might have regressed back to the terrible days. Schizophrenia is a terrible illness. Hope to see it and other mental illnesses wiped out someday.

    Well done, Sunshine.

  19. Mazi Nwonwu (@Fredrick-chiagozie-Nwonwu)


    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      low curtsey Mazi, thank you.

  20. Well written but the only problem with this is that it isn’t interesting. Who would want to read it again?

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      @kaycee , on man’s delicacy is another man’s taboo. The peole that have shared this on Facebook thought differently and so did I. :P

  21. @nicolebassey very good stuff !…Poetic too :). I just felt the scientific terminology at the beginning was a bit too much. Apart from that, thumbs up :)

  22. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Thank you @aghoghosam , I wish you could explain more, no scientific jargon there o! Thanks. I am glad you liked it. :-)

  23. @nicolebassey, this was well written, welldone. I don’t usually read sci-fi but this, I can truly say I enjoyed.

    1. @olajumoke Wow! Thank you. You made my day.

  24. aadetoyin (@aadetoyin)

    Hmmmmm well written. Naija has a lot of talent.
    Wearin an emoticon hmmmm, not looking forward to that cos I wanna keep my emotions private but ur sense of imagination is PERFECT.

  25. Thanks @aadetoyin you have been a tremendous encouragement!

  26. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    A big thank you to everyone that read and voted for this. Also to the winners.

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