What if it is possible bring back the dead?

What if it is possible bring back the dead?



The air conditioner in the room was doing well to disperse cold air, but not the tension in the atmosphere.
”You should know better than raising your voice at me, General.”

”My temper is short leashed Mr Doctor,” replied the general.

The glasses of white wine before them were untouched. The plasma Television showed images without sound as it’s volume was at the minimum. The doctor sat back and settled more comfortably into the comfort of the Italian imported couch in the living room part of his posh office.

”What exactly do you want?” he asked the General as he crossed his legs.

”We want you to help bring back Usman Shinkafi and Kabiru Kaduna.”

”I’m not God. We are not sure the experiment is good to go yet, we can’t bring dead men back to life.”

”Bloody liar,” the general muttered under his breath.

”Why do you need these men back? Aren’t they terrorists?”

“They were. But they won’t be anymore when they come back, they will help us bring the sect down.”

”Really, is that so? Assuming it is possible to bring them back, what makes you think they will decide to leave the Biki Harami sect?”

“You’ll reconfigure them.”

The doctor raised an eyebrow in question.

”Yes, reconfigure them.”

The doctor uncrossed his legs, and then he crossed them again.
” Does Jon know about this visit?”

”Mr President is aware of this operation.”

”He must be desperate about his second term package; I think the state of emergency calls he made recently shows he has balls. I like him.”

”Mr. Doctor, I’m not here to hear praises about Mr. President. If we want a campaign praise show, the Nollywood stars can always sing us a good song.”

The doctor chuckled lightly, ”you have a sense of humor, is that now permitted in the military?”
The General shrugged in reply.

”Anyway, tell Mr. President that I can’t help.”

”And why is that?”

”Because what he wants is impossible.”

The General stood up and started walking towards the door.

”Wait.” The Doctor called out.

The General stopped but didn’t turn to face him.

”I want something in return. After President Jon gets what he wants and brings down Biki harami and then gets re-elected, he’ll pay me— In kind.”

The General smiled, then he turned to face the doctor.

”You want to be president after him. I know, he knows. We have good Intel, you know.”

”I see… so what else do you know, General?”

”I know who you are; I also know when you started the experiments to bring back the dead.”

”Was that the best your Intel could do?” The doctor sneered.

”When the heat became too hot for you as president in 1998, you arranged the poisoned apple drama and killed yourself. You were rightly confirmed dead after medical examination, then you were buried. Two days later, your corpse was exhumed and flown to Iraq. The experiments on your corpse was successful and your brain was slightly re-programmed, hence your knowledge of medicine. You came back to Abuja five years ago with false records, now you run a supposed hospital.”

The doctor whistled in mock amazement and clapped his hands.

”We also know you have raised about 120 of your dead friends from the military,” the General continued, “and they are in important positions in the country awaiting your take over.”

”Actually General, it’s 300. Your Intel department is sloppy in information gathering.”

”So when do you begin work?”

The doctor stood up, picked up the remote on the glass table and moved closer to the television.

”Did you hear my question?”

”Meet me here tomorrow morning, come with Mr. President. I need to enlighten him on some issues on the triangle of power.”

” Triangle of power?”

“Something like that.”

“No wahala,” the General replied as he extended his hand for a handshake.

”Tomorrow it is then,” stated the doctor as their hands met.

After the General left, the doctor sat on the couch, reached for his glass of wine and took a sip, and thought to himself, ‘After tomorrow, the power I let go in 1998 will become mine again, then I’ll bring enlightenment to this nation. Finally Nigeria will be illuminated.

With the remote in his hands, he turned up the volume of the television and nodded his head as Kaycee’s ‘make we go limpopo’ filled the air…

23 thoughts on “What if it is possible bring back the dead?” by chimdixy (@chimdixy)

  1. Subtely isn’t your strong suit, is it? Maybe your chinos then, hehehe… Not bad. Nice work.

    1. @raymond, Maybe it isn’t. Thanks.

  2. Oh, the point of origin of the couch is irrelevant to the story.

  3. Nice story. I like the dialogue.

    The last line – ‘Kaycee’s Limpopo’ came through falsely. I’m sure this is you trying NOT TO set the story in the future – but it came across as trying to hard. Maybe if you had subtlety referred to it…

    A good one nonetheless.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya,
      Thanks sir, I appreciate your comment.

  4. Hmmmm… Thank God this is fiction, Imagine the Bacha coming back to life… It wouldn’t just be illumination he would bring.
    Well done, Chimdixy. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte,
      Maybe he is around, what if he is…
      Thanks for coming around.

  5. Well done. I enjoyed your story.

    1. @babyada,
      Thanks for enjoying the story.

  6. wow…such imagination! well done

  7. I love this, especially the dialogue. Your mind is working well!

    1. @francis, thanks for loving this.

  8. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    This was a very good read. The tiny errors could have been removed with a teeny-weeny self edit. They do not take much away from your story. It’s also interesting that the whole story is done in dialogue. I like the way you addressed a lot of possibilities in this. Well done. Nice.

  9. I loved this story. really did. well done

  10. Your story is really interesting. Really enjoyed it. And the end is just lovely. I just couldn’t stop laughin as I pictured bacha listening to limpopo

  11. Absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed this, and couldn’t stop reading. The best I have read thus far!

  12. Nice story, keep it up.

  13. Abacha! Noooooooo way. We don’t ever want him back. ℓ☺ℓ
    Good work.

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