What  if  Davido’s song broke the veil between the two worlds.

What if Davido’s song broke the veil between the two worlds.


Davido’s ‘’e ma dami duro’’ song unknown to him released a melodious rhythm that broke the veil between the two worlds living side by side in Nigeria.

Husy was annoyed when she got the memo on her phone. The verse ‘’aninino’’ had Nino  which means open the door.

Date 23rd May 2013.

Mission code one.

Head to Abuja gate where the tear in the sky is visible.

Seal the tear in the Sky and retrieve all the Davido’s Cd’s before midnight. Do not step in to the tear.

Husy entered her battered, red Toyota  car and raced to Abuja gate. The car screeched as it hit the tarmac. She left the sounds of honking cars behind.

At the gate she could see the violet circle in the Sky clearly. It was because she wore light ray vision shades that could catch Ultraviolet rays. It matched with her long blue jeans and an Orange long Nigerian wax top. She tied an orange veil on her head. The glasses covered her small eyes and perched on her straight nose.  She carried an angry fire burn scar on her right cheek. A mark  of her misadventure with a baby alien that landed in Abuja Airport in January. She touched the scar, it came with the job. Her family were the guardians of the World. Husy pressed a hidden button on her veil and she became invisible. She flew up to the sky. She was about to weld the hole together with the laser on her phone. She decided to enter and take a peek and see what is on the   other side.

She jumped before her good sense will stop her. She felt herself pulled by gravity. She fell on the road. She looked up; she was still at the Abuja gate. She blinked her eye, small planes were flying. There were no roads, no houses, nor trees. She could smell nothing. She tasted fear and she had an eerie feeling of being watched. She looked back to a  lady that looked exactly like her without the scar. She opened her mouth to talk when the girl sprayed something on her face. She blacked out.

She woke up; she was lying down on a floating bed. The only furniture in the  room.

‘’What did you do to me?’’ She stood up.

‘’I am Husy; I sprayed a sleeping perfume on your face.’’

‘’ No I am Husy.’’

‘’Tell me about your world’’ said alien Husy. She was pacing up and down.

‘’You can’t enter my world it will break the balance. Each human has a look alike in the two worlds.’’

‘’That is why you will stay in this world and I will go to your world.’’

Husy looked around she saw pictures of her family on the wall of the room. She had a funny sensation as if she was in a plane. The interior was done in white and black.

‘’Is the house moving.?’’

‘’What is a house?’’ said the alien. ‘’We live on our private shuttles.’’

‘’I have always wanted to live in a plane; can we exchange places for a year? said Husy.

I want to experience new things they said in one voice.

I have a mission to erase Davido’s Cd’s. They exchanged data and went out. It was the same Nigeria but there were no houses only small compact planes just like the minivans of our time.

‘’Where are your Hospitals?’’ said Husy.

‘’ Our people overcame illness a long time ago.’’

‘’What about food?.’’

We inject nutrients directly in to our system; we don’t eat.

‘’What about death?. ’’

‘’There is no stopping death; even though we have no sickness people fall down and die all the time’’.

They had reached Abuja gate.

‘’ Remember go to the hospitals and take vaccine against all the major sickness. Erase all davido’s cds except two so that we can open the veil and change places.’’ said Husy.

Alien husy pressed a button on her metallic jumpsuit. She jumped through the sky landed at the Abuja gate. She pressed a button on her music alteration palm top.It changed the rhythm of the davido’s song on the phone shaped device; the copies of davido’s Cd across Nigeria wiped off. The hole in the sky closed. She pressed another button and cleared husy’s Copy.

She walked to Husy’s small car. She touched the fake scar on her face and smiled.

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  1. Ok na.
    Davido’s song could break the veil cos the volume at which it’s played at times threatens to split the head in two sef.
    Well done. $ß.

  2. @sibbylwhyte thanks for reading.

  3. You said it, and here you go – the song that tore the worlds veil. Good job ma.

    You had a little issue with capitalization sha o. Like the davido’s should have been Davido’s….. And few others like that sha.

    Good job once again

  4. Thanks for reading @kodeya and @Adelaide.

  5. I’m loving this.

  6. I am very confused.
    Is there a continuing part ? What happens to real Husy and alien Husy ?
    You need to be more descriptive.

  7. Sci-Fi: you lost me here Khadijah. You like this genre?

  8. Alien Husy is a BAD babe. The Earth is in trouble

  9. ….Not bad…Could do better, but not bad actually.
    Davido? Can he even sing sef?

  10. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

    Nice concept. Though I felt this piece was done in a rush, it reads that way, but I guess since its genre, the fast paced setting is expected. Cheers @khadijahmuhammad

  11. @wordsfromuyi thanks for reading.I wrote this story for the fun of it.I am not caught out for Sci -fic.

  12. Jo (@josephoguche)


  13. I love the song “dami duro”

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