What if Alien spies walked amongst us?

What if Alien spies walked amongst us?

A love affair between an alien and human gone awry


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

It was the look in her eyes that haunted and tortured me till this day. It was a look of shock and surprise, the look of one who had been betrayed.

My mouth went dry and I kept mute.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”; she asked again, squeezing her hands. Deep furrows formed on her forehead.


“Beep beep”; cried a bot as it flew towards Temi. “It’s Lunch time!”

The robot was to scan Temi’s tongue and body, using non-invasive methods to determine what she craved and what her body needed, then come up with a combination that would satisfy both. It was one of the many technologies I had come to spy on. She waved a hand at the bot, absent-mindededly. It caught the signal and flew away.

“Bode, if that’s your real name, I think you should leave now.”; she said quietly.

I picked my backpack and took one final look at her before stepping outside.

White birds flew across the blue sky and the Nigerian sun bathed the land in orange. It was a time when nature was at one of its best displays, yet I felt heavy and grey inside.

My ID card had fallen out of my backpack, while I was at Temi’s house. She had picked it before I could stop her. She found the material from which it was made strange and asked about it. I panicked and blurted everything out. I wondered how I could be so careless; I guess it was one of love’s perks.

Although, prior to this happening, Temi had become suspicious of my strangeness.
Suddenly, she wanted to know why my eyes looked like the stars. Polychromatic. Even though that was what drew her to me. Unfortunately, contacts could never hide it. She also wanted to know why I never took her to meet my parents, why my apartment was devoid of pictures.

You see, I’m not of the earth. I’m of Mars. And it gets worse; I’m a spy from Mars, not exactly a noble profession.

For all their foolishness, humans were brilliant, and I, along with many others were sent to spy on their new technologies and report our findings back home.

When I told Temi of my origin, I had watched various emotions play across her face. Disbelief, bewilderment, shock, then disappointment… in me.

The humans were still not aware that intelligent human life lay outside their planet. This was largely because, we did not live on the surface of our planet, but underneath it, and so the probes they often sent never found us.

Frankly, we were quite comfortable with their ignorance, because we were a little wary of them. Humans were powerful and very fickle. They fought senseless wars and exhibited unnerving violent behaviour.

But I hadn’t counted on getting struck by a stronger weapon… Love. Temi had struck me with it, conquered and bound me, all without lifting a muscle.

I sat on the red, sandy surface of Mars, alone, staring out at the stars. I knew one of them was Earth and I wondered what Temi would be doing right now. Did she still think of me? Or had she moved on. It was three months since I had seen her. I blinked back tears as the two potato shaped moons in the silvery red sky, drenched me in pools of silver light.

I stood up and walked to my house, where I sat at the dining table and penned a note to Temi

Dear Temi,

I’m so sorry I wasn’t honest with you. But I want to start right now. If you’d give me the chance. My name is Tehloo Blankste, from planet Blarkinta, known to you as Mars . My blood is iridescent, just as my eyes are, and I don’t know why. I’m a spy from Mars whose existence depends on you and frankly I don’t even think I want to exist without you.

Yours eternally,

Only I never got the courage to give it to her.

That was forty years ago. And the blazing inferno within me still raged.

I folded the brown, creasing paper and my brother’s grandson and daughter, Tehlaa and Dokpla respectively, looked at me sadly.

“But grand uncle, you should still have gone after her. Now you’d never know.”; Tehlaa said.

“Some things are just never meant to be, no matter how strongly we feel about it.”

Olusoga Omotolani.
Lagos, Nigeria.

35 thoughts on “What if Alien spies walked amongst us?” by Olan (@Olan)

  1. Nice but sad. All the best.

  2. Goodluck with this piece.

  3. Awww. Avatar gone wrong…. Some things are just not meant to be. Sad but true.
    Well done, Olan. $ß.

  4. Touching! I don’t envy the alien. Not one bit. Great piece Olan!

    1. Lol. Thnks for the comment

  5. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    Nice one…. You took me into the flow wella… I grab You joor

    1. @Fadehan I am so glad I did. Thank you.

  6. abegi, we dont want half alien babies jor….lol. nice work.

    what if….he had given her the letter?

    1. Humans with Iridiscent eyes, sounds like a lovely concept to me. Lol. Thanks for reading,

  7. What if I said this is a nice piece?

    1. What If I said thank you. Lol. Thanks for your comment.

    1. @The-zenith Thank your. Your comment is really appreciated.

  8. what if I said this is well shaped, beautifully narrated.
    Okay! Lets hope.
    weldone @olan

    1. @basittjamiu Thanks for you comment. Always great.

  9. Okay now. Green skin Alien from Mars. Hope I can get a pill that would make me remember everything I read. Reading this equation isn’t near easy.

    Anyway, I would like to have an alien as a friend. Wouldn’t mind if it starts with you.

    Good job olan

    1. @kodeya Thank you so much.

  10. Its a brave attempt. Love between an alien and an human. Buh the narrative didn’t flow well for me. I mean the story started from the middle and then the end? Was surpisingly brought to the present! The love story happened 40years ago. Nice piece and all the best.

    1. @Titilola Thanks. Would put that in mind.

  11. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    I liked this piece, a lot. minor continuity/plausibility matters but a very interesting read. Well done dear. All the best.

    1. @nicolebassey Thanks. Wish you all the best too. :D

  12. @Olan, I don’t usually enjoy sci-fi but I enjoyed this because you made us see that aliens can indeed feel the feeling that we feel, love, loss. Life is complex on any planet. Welldone

    1. @olajumoke Thank you so much. I really appreciate your comment.

  13. Nice piece,dear. All the best.

    1. @Mimiadebayo Thank you so much for the comment. Glad you came out. You’ve been really scarce.

  14. I’m sure she would have freaked out if he had told her.
    Either way, he loses.

    I like the structure of the story.
    And I’m glad you participated in the contest.

    All the best.

  15. Alien love. :) Cool piece. All the best, Olan.

  16. Different…….The simplicity got me. I’m imagining this will be great if extended with a lot more depth and detail. It will be awesome to spin a story about the union between Alien and human. Imagining the humor of them discovering other details about themselves, as well as mystery and maybe war hehehe!

    Imagining what the conception, pregnancy/birth, and the child will look like or behave like.

    Again, I enjoyed this….it riled my imagination and the simplicity GOT me!

    Keep doing what you do!

  17. empresssewande (@empresssewande)

    cool very cool.
    i like your description of humans. lol

  18. Wow! This got me………………………………….beautiful…………………………….

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