What Happened Yesterday

What Happened Yesterday

The sun shapes its menace eyes,
Beating the innocent earth.
The earth grunts like a giant angry man,
As it retaliate in the bare legs of the orphans.

Orphans! Orphans! Orphans!
Orphans that cries with provocative emotion.

Emotion so strong that it crack the earth.
Feelings that touch the heart and make it bleed.

The Bleeding that comes from the eyes,
A heavy tears,
So cumbersome that the walls feel it.
It trickle tediously from the eyes,
But heavier than an ice youghurt,
Bigger than the largest sea.

As they sigh and cry,
The menace sun dry their solemn tears.
Unfriendly rain drenched there body.
Behind there flooded house.

Two precious gold,
Hitherto with one,
They have lost,
In the sea,
Earth flood.

The gold of hope and love,
The hope is the father.
The love is the mother.

Dedicated to all the flood victims who lost their family in the flood invasion. Time heal wounds but not memories.

14 thoughts on “What Happened Yesterday” by Bola (@basittjamiu)

  1. Check the concord….
    What performs the act of retaliation?
    “As it retaliate in the bare….”

  2. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    I will be glad if you make the suggestion more clearly. @ostar.
    Anyway thanks.

  3. Ok, if the earth grunts, it retaliates….

    Emotion so strong that it crack the earth.
    Feelings that touch the heart and make it bleed.

    If this emotion is so strong, it cracks or had cracked the earth.

  4. I’ll be honest.
    The nicest thing in the piece is the dedication of the poem…
    There are 26 lines in this poem and 9 of them contain misspellings and tense errors. The idea of the poem is cool but the execution is poor.
    This poem could be made better because right now it seems like you typed what just popped out of your head and sent it in. Keep writing.
    Well done. $ß.

  5. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    ok! I got you.
    thanks for the valuable suggestion.

  6. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    that’s TRUE.
    thanks @sibbylwhyte.
    Honesty is all we need.
    the box is open for honest comments.

  7. The sun looked down menacingly

    And beat the innocent earth. 

    The earth grunted like an angry giant,

    It retaliated on the bare legs
    Of the orphans.

    The orphans sighed and cried,
    A sound that reached the heart
    And squeezed tears from the eyes,
    Setting them on a journey along the contours
    Of the face.

    The sky hurt and wept profusely
    Drenching the earth and its inhabitants
    The ocean swelled and overflowed,
    The rivers raged and flooded
    Spewing out their venom

    The houses were invaded
    Treasures were carted away
    And they left in their wake desolation
    Distress and anguish
    And hope.

    Hope of a new beginning
    The king’s palace that was ravaged, they say
    Gives way to a better edifice than that
    Which was razed.

    dedicated to @basittjamiu for a nice attempt.
    this is just a rough draft of what you were trying to do, you can take it and polish it till it shines. i suggest you call on the poet queen @nicolebassey to help fine tune it.
    well done

  8. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    What a gift? Thank you sir @topazo, you are too kind.
    More ink and more wisdom.

  9. I won’t repeat what @sibbylwhyte said, but i like the poem, honestly.

    1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

      Thanks elove. All for the love of NS
      Howdy @elovepoetry

  10. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    Thanks elove. All for the love of NS
    Howdy @elovepoetry

  11. @basittjamiu
    wise words
    inspiring thoughts
    masquerading not as knowledge
    but truly making up an integral whole……….

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