We never existed

We never existed


What if there was no God?
And no supreme being to call lord.
Then human race would remain void
And Nigeria would have no place on the map or world.
What If everything we do was right and no god to judge?
Then human race would strive on vulgar and fraud
Development surely would move backward
And anarchy would reign in Nigeria

What if there was no Africa?
What if it was all sea or colonizers never pitied her?
What if our black identity is not seen in our sons and daughter.
What If our black colour on our skin never existed.
Were would we all be found or located
Well! Maybe placed among the trees and jungle in Asia
Or in a dark planet as propounded by the colonial masters.

What if there was a war in Nigeria?
And blood flows in every street from the body of the helpless
And corpse lay lifeless
When so many are rendered motherless and fatherless
When casualties are numberless
And the poor regarded and considered as hopeless
And they are carried away as refugees because they are harmless
Then! The brutality of war would be countless.
Cry of the bereft families ageless
So many befuddled and their movement aimless
So many berserk and parents becoming childless
Number of dead bodies countless
Children’s dream in a day dashed and certified useless
Wealth of rich men and corrupt people became meaningless

What if there was no food in Nigeria?
And eating your fellow humans served as the only diet code.
Then we would have lots of waif children
Who cry eachday not to end up on the next menu

What if supply was worn out?
And those with bread are considered rich
I would’nt have this strength to be so sceptic
The world would lack skilled labouring people and their practice
Because hunger would turn mighty men into vulnerable
And literates and outspoken poeple into scared people and less vocal.

What if the vegetation of Nigeria never existed?
And the peace and love shared by its people never existed
With poverty as the only occupation of its people
And wealthy nation never came to share its wealth with her
And poverty would kill her and her children
And only the poorest countries would associate with her
And famine, lack and drought would be the other of the day
As in other poor countries and nations of the world
What if I had all the inks
I would write them all day
Writing about the evils and the social ills in Nigeria
If I had all the books in the world
But unfortunately it means felling down all the whole
Trees and spoiling the ecosystem in search pulp
But never the less I would write

What if they say this is too large to comprehend
And only scholars and extreme literates would take time to read Simplify and understand

What if this was only read by the judges
But I say this embraces most of the problems
This questions lingers in the heart of many
But can only be answered by you and me
If not the questions would continue to linger in the hearts of many
The End

2 thoughts on “We never existed” by favour (@flames)

  1. “And corpse lay lifeless” – should read “corpses”… Nice job though.

  2. never the less my friend please you must write…I love writing flare and the rhythmic play on words…but you still need to learn more on how play on words with ease…take ten million!

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