Wa naija

So we now drink

From bowl of hatred

Rising from arm sorrow

And hollow scions



Zo nijeria

Da gaske ne wai

Our shining harmony

And bright shadow

Lost their lightening

And care

Because stars are on strike?


Bia naija

Inna so

We are now dwellers

In fear palace

Clothed in cloth of

Word on the street. Chai!


Is this the unity ?

2 thoughts on “Wazobia” by Fodio Ahmad (@Fodio)

  1. you never write in yoruba o… y wazobia when u have only written zobia or sth…. the writ shows your pain, and could be better written for better understanding, is it overstanding

  2. Nice attempt but you can improve on this. It’s not bad if the lines complete a sentence, some of the lines would have been better rendered in imagery and really use your figures of speech.

    Well done @Fodio

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