Valuable Liability

Valuable Liability

The biggest of gifts is the act of dreams

They make us swim without a fin;

Heating up our frozen blood when our hearts are weak

Making us look from chaos to a day of peace.

It is the greatest gift or calamity

Like a sedative used to shut us from reality

If taken too much, we seize to live

So are dreams, intoxicating fallacies

For those who dwell in them but not too much

They keep it away from the hand with which they mulch

They strive but never belief in what it preaches

That the sea we see has no harm in it

Our planet was built to be perfectly imperfect

So imperfect that it’s poles are vividly stretched

It’s not always about summer but also the three others

A coin is never a coin without its other side

But for most of us that walk the soil,

Who lived a life without a clause

We grow out of shorts and into trousers

And watch helplessly as dreams mature into nightmares

Is dreaming a blessing or a consoling string

That we pull to build a strengthened wit?

Is it an asset or a waste of reasoning?

Is it even reasoning or a diversion from reality?

7 thoughts on “Valuable Liability” by Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

  1. Dreams help but when we get lost in them, we lose grip on reality.
    Now I see your title in the poem. Very cool.
    Check: …They strive but never belief in what it preaches… Belief should be believe.
    …So imperfect that it’s poles are vividly stretched… It’s should be its. And use of vividly here seems off to me…may be just me.

    This is good. Well done. $ß.

    1. Thank you @sibbylwhyte. Corrections taken.

  2. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Nice. The title is less than arresting. Consider revising to make it shorter and more harmonious. Well done

    1. Thanks @Sunshine, will look into it.

  3. Nice one!
    I love d contrast. Gud job!
    The title rilly caught my attention

    1. Thanks for reading @Bosukeme, thank you.

  4. I’ld rate you high. For me this is a good job. My voice is like a bicycle it can’t travel the length of latitude. you used less of metaphors here Wats up.

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