To the one who’s next

When you kiss me
you shall taste all the men that have come before.
You will taste the desert on my tongue,
the scorching sun at the roof of my mouth,
the storm between my teeth.
You will know that you have brought something
that separates you from the rest.
You will taste
like fireworks wanting to never know peace.

18 thoughts on “To the one who’s next” by Aurora Anne (@bugganni)

  1. This is real good. i love the way you arranged those words

  2. When you kiss me

    you shall taste all the men that have come before… I love this line.
    Well done, nita. $ß.

  3. Thank you all so much for your comments.

  4. @buggani…I think i drowned somewhere in those lines for the simple elegance of the poem! It just pulsates with passion…and the shortness of it adds a lot of punch to it…It is easily one of the best poems I have read here on NS, hand to God! Thank you for sharing it…..

  5. @ayomitans oh my God! Thank you so so much for your kind comment. I’m really glad everyone enjoyed reading it!

  6. Nice one.

    Rings very true with the age we find ourselves in.

    1. oga @jaywriter, na u be this? long time…welcome back

  7. very nice one.

  8. Hottie (@MissAjiboye)

    Lol. That line was funny

  9. this is good…real good. short but each line is effusing passion…

  10. Whoa! WoW!!!

  11. Interesting! And the brevity makes it even more appealing. I find it funny too. What if “the one who’s next” isn’t different from the rest?

  12. Hahahaha!
    I simply love this; short and poignant!
    Yay, I’m excited!!!! :)

  13. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Mixed feelings … ! This can command a mental storm. Nice.

  14. Thank you all so much for your comments.. Still can’t believe this poem has 138 views so far in less than a month.

  15. I’m still imagining how that will taste like! Don’t ask me what! You know what I mean.

  16. nice…now following!

  17. Words creatively arranged. Well done!

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