Three games and a dice


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                THE  sun sank below the horizon as another storm of great magnitude slammed against the shutters and forced it close.Everything happened so fast;the wind whistled past her as the rain quickly followed it’s trail.It didn’t drizzle,rather it hit the earth with so much force that she feared it would pull her down.

Her tongue went over her lower lip-it tasted salty.impossible!Rain water wasn’t salty or was it?She sighed after fingering her cheeks and tracing the salt water to her eyes.She had been crying without knowing it.

The door to the main house opened  and Carlos  stepped into the rain with an umbrella.He was a white man just as his name indicated.His wooly hair was dyed gold and he was putting on a pair of spectacles.He moved very quickly.Busayo started to conceive  the thought that he walked six steps a second.He still bore the aura of a Prince notwithstanding the pace at which  he moved.His shoulders were another of his outstanding features-he carried them so high they seemed to say,‘we are the best’.

Finally, the  white man was before the black lady.Carlos rose the green coloured umbrella above Busayo’s  head  to shield her from the rain.She did not react to this kind gesture.His eyes screened  her body slowly-Oh boy! her body was as gorgeous as her face;in fact gorgeous  must be an understatement,Carlos affirmed.She possessed everything a man would want in a woman-however,this was not limited to her physical endowment  alone; she was equally a gold mine on the inside.

“I have to go.” Her voice was soft and shaky.Apart from being drenched in the rain,the tears had been flowing tirelessly from her reddened eyes.

He removed the spectacles.He had felt how emotion laden her voice was and almost cursed himself for making her cry so much.For a moment,the idea of ending all of this crept into his mind but he succeeded in brushing it aside.Had he not known from the start that this would have a bitter ending?In fact this was the best swansong to their relationship.It had to be done this way.His hand turned  to her left cheek as  She turned to leave.

“I’m sorry.This is how it has to be.”His voice was even more unstable than hers.He feared he may start crying too;the tears rose to his eyes but he bowed in a bid to conceal it.”I’m sorry.”The sound waves  were lower than that of a whisper.When he rose his head,their moist eyes met.Carlos shivered-not from the effects of the rain but from the way her sad eyes met his.They looked scared,searching for a place to find peace.He had bored into those eyes in happier moments and could tell the difference.

He felt guilty.Is there no better way to put an end to this? Couldn’t there be an alternative?Again the thought of putting a ‘full stop’ to this drama crept into his head.What was the possibility of the future he had fantasized  during his teenage years without this woman.This has to stop,Carlos decided.She was his life and the earlier he ended this,the better for both of them.He swallowed spittle and spoke.What came out however, was,”Keep the baby safe.Make him happy…em…tell him about his Dad.”He forced a laugh but it choked his throat.This made him cough.

“Tell him I love him.”He paused,wanting to touch her shoulder but she shrugged her shoulders and turned her back towards him.”One day you’ll understand why I have to do this.”


“I should never have trusted you.”Busayo said.She shifted from the comfort of  the  umbrella and  headed  for  the gate.

Her words struck like an atomic bomb.At that moment,he wanted to shout her name;tell her how much he loved her;how beautiful She was and above all,the true reason why they had to break-up.He watched as She made it to the gate and had to agree that the most common feature they shared was pride.It was visible from the way She walked.Aside  from  this,  he  adored  her emotional strength.She got  her  nickname-Amazon from this, thanks  to  Carlos.

The  gate  slammed  shut.He  sighed  and  resisted  another  idea  beckoning  on  him  to  call  her  back.This  was  the  best  way to  end  it  all.This  was  the  best  way  for  him to express the strength  of his love for her.It was good this way.



Planet  Normady.



            JENNIFER   sped past the great ball of  burning fire as She had always done in the past.Openings appeared in all parts of her body;the cold air that came out from these openings were capable of  turning any living thing on earth into an iced block in seconds.It cooled the space ship’s body and gladdened the minds of the men on Jennifer.

“Hmm” Carlos sighed as he looked at the large screen in front of him.The Sun stood proudly there.

“Don’t tell me you were scared,Carlos” Another man joined Carlos in the room.His voice was thunderous and it’s boom shook an Encyclopaedia off it’s safe perch on a stool.

Carlos laughed.He did not turn  to face the man,”Why should I be?”

“I heard your sigh.” The man had come to stand beside Carlos.His voice was a mockery of himself;he was short-four feet tall or less,bald-headed and thin.With hands and feet constantly moving,it seemed funny that he should accuse Carlos of fear.

Carlos smiled,”A sigh could indicate anything,Juan.” His fingers rested on the large keyboard in front of him.

Juan held Carlos’ elbow.With the body size he had,it would be difficult for one to  believe he could muster enough strength to physically control a man like Carlos-but he did it!

“It surprises  me that you should lose faith in Jennifer!” Juan said with a mischievous grin written on his face.

Carlos frowned and tried to wriggle his arm free from Juan’s grip but the attempt was futile.”Take your god-forsaken hand off me,you slug!”The pain was etching right into his bones but he knew better than to attempt forcefully breaking Juan’s hold on him.

A smile crept into Juan’s face again.He looked at Carlos’ arm for a moment before releasing his hold on him.

Carlos withdrew his arm immediately but did his best to conceal his agony.Juan’s fingers had dug into his flesh and the pain was making it difficult for him to move his arm.Scorn was written all over his face as he cursed under his breath,”Bastard!”

Juan nodded in mock agreement and placed both hands on the keyboard.

“What are you doing?” Carlos asked,obviously  puzzled by Juan’s conversion of his computer.

“Connecting us to the new secret ambassador of Normady to Earth.”He answered calmly.”Unlike you,I still have faith in my Jennifer.”

Carlos was vexed.He swallowed hard and looked at the dwarf.Hatred and anger dictated the curves on his face.Juan looked back at him and both men stared at each other-one furious and the other expressionless.Carlos’ hands formed into a ball as that was all he could do to prevent himself from physically attacking Juan.It was not as if he wished to obey the law of peace on spaceships but he knew the consequences of engaging in physical battle with a disarmer.At least he didn’t wish for a broken bone yet.

 …to be continued.

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  1. Science fiction, i suppose? But it’s a nice work though

    1. Thanks@Fadehun Adeoshun

  2. I like it… Next please…
    Well done. $ß.

    1. Thanks@Bubbllinna.I appreciate it.

  3. Hope the next installment gives a little more insight about the story. Meanwhile,nice job.
    Keep writing…

    1. The prologue would continue in the next publication but I’ll try to give an insight to what the story is all about as you requested.Anyway, thanks for the comment@Mimiadebayo

  4. Oh well… it seems that interstellar romance is difficult, @lifeboat.

    You didn’t really leave me with enough information about the characters and their world for me to want to continue reading. And I didn’t feel that you used words and phrases correctly in many places – for example:

    “He was a white man just as his name indicated”.

    You do know that there are many black people whose name is Carlos? That aside, you shouldn’t need to tell the reader that someone is white – it’s better to allow them to figure this out, e.g by saying “The rain beat down on his pale skin”. Once they see ‘pale skin’, then they will know he is white.

    And this:

    “Finally, the white man was before the black lady.Carlos rose the green coloured umbrella above Busayo’s head to shield her from the rain.She did not react to this kind gesture.His eyes screened her body slowly-Oh boy! her body was as gorgeous as her face;in fact gorgeous must be an understatement,Carlos affirmed.She possessed everything a man would want in a woman-however,this was not limited to her physical endowment alone; she was equally a gold mine on the inside”

    As I started to read the first few sentences of the paragraph above, I got the sense that this was a very sad moment of parting, but then you completely break the mood of the moment by describing how physically attractive Busayo is. If Carlos really cared about Busayo and was sad to see her go, he would be thinking more about her inner qualities and less about her physical endowment, so I would have removed that part altogether.

    There are many other typos; please take your time to read this so that you can correct them if you choose to rewrite this.

    1. @Lifeboat, @TolaO has said everything I want to say. But I should still add that stuff like
      “her body was as gorgeous as her face;in fact gorgeous ‘must be an understatement’,Carlos affirmed” just kinda makes the work bland.

      This can be better. Well done.

  5. this is riddled with errors and there is not much punch to make the reader want to continue reading….@tolaO has said so much already…take them to heart as you write the next installment.

    the story looks promising though…keep writing
    well done

    1. I quite agree with you.Thanks for the comment

  6. Minds rolling something great out here.

    1. hmm.thanks,ostar

  7. Will be looking forward to the next installment, Mind the tenses– he rose the umbrella/he rose his head— he raised the umbrella/ he raised his head.
    More power and inspiration to you.Well done.

  8. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Great concept ongoing here …

  9. i just want to thank everyone for their critiques and praises. it really meant a lot to me. thank you

  10. I like sci-fi a lot.
    I’d like to keep reading but as other commenters have said, you have to do something about your tense use, also look out for concord errors and punctuations.
    Well done.

  11. Its a really nice piece,but consider the flow of thought.

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