The Benefits Of Aloe Vera

You won’t be running to Mountain of Fire
If you have a potted aloe vera
Sitting somewhere in your verandah
Or at the back of your yard
Or by the corner of your kitchen cab.
Or very close to your shower

For aloe vera is a miracle healer
Of migrain, tummy pains and tumour
Throat-burns, shave rashes and blisters
Acne, pimple, dandruff when severe;
A cleanser to your face and forms
A safe lubricant for your vegas
In your time of love adventure
And enemy to mosquitos in your area

So what are you still waiting for?
Go get a potted aloe vera
And if you like water it
And if you like don’t bother;
A potted aloe vera can never wither
But lives forever to give you care

So before I leave this chapter
My name is Samuel Enunwa
Doesn’t it sound like aloe vera?

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