That place, Someplace


Home is where you are
And where your heart is
Home is where you’re accepted
Home is where you find peace

Home is that place high up in the sky
Where people go when they die
Home is where you’ll find comfort when you cry
Where you learn to run before you fly

Home is where you come from, don’t deny
Home is where you’re taught to hold your head high
Where your heart sings a new song
Where you always want to…and always will belong

Home is what you long for when so far away
The fortress you run to when you can’t face the day
That special place where you’ll find God when you pray
Asking Him anything about tomorrow and getting the answer right away

Home is that city where you can never get lost
The palace you build with nothing but love – if it can be counted as a cost
Home is that place you never want to leave, even though you must
Home is where they’ll bring your ashes when you turn to dust

Home is where you are
Where you always want to be
Where life, love, laughter and liberty flows
Home is where you’re free


9 thoughts on “That place, Someplace” by Oaikhena Imoukhuede Amaize (@magicmase)

  1. Home is where it begins and ends… Lovely poem, Mase. Well done. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte thanks, hanging your comment on my wall

    1. thanks, I like to think so too…sometimes

    2. @kaycee thanks, I like to think so too…sometimes

  2. ”home is where you are free” i like that line a lot…

  3. I dont read poems but urs caught my intrest n it was worth d read.Nice work.

    1. @jade69 thanks, pls check back sometime, I may post something else you’d like

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