Nobody Likes a Destitute

Nobody Likes a Destitute

Nobody likes a destitute
Especially the politician
He keeps the poor at bay
High walls
Electric fence
Fierce gateman
Mobile policemen
Beware of dogs
‘Oga travel’
Just to keep you away.

The Nigerian child
Will again go to sleep
On empty stomach.
He will grow without education
Because they do not
Like the poor.

The national cake
Being shared
At government houses
Among those dancing
In the party.
They call it
Partisan politics.

And we hear of trillions
We hear of projects
Programmes and agendas.
Alas, facades meant to
Dress the dirty polity.
And we know
Nobody likes a destitute.

The other day
From the grapevine,
A dishonourable Member
Forgot two Ghana-must-go
In his boot for days.
Just like that because
Nobody likes a destitute.

Especially the politician
He hides behind tinted glasses
And the SSS.

The Nigerian child
The country women
Shall starve
The old men shall lament
And the young men
Shall agitate

As nobody likes the poor
Even the government.

3 thoughts on “Nobody Likes a Destitute” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. @idiong_divine, I like the way you showed the distance between the rich leaders and the poor followers, especially in the first stanza.

    I would say that it’s not that Nigerian leaders hate the poor; it’s more that they don’t care about the poor.

    Well done.

  2. @Tola Odejayi,
    Thank you so much, Tola, for the frank comment.

  3. Nice poem.I enjoyed reading.

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