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Laurie’s Last Lie


Lagos, Present Day.

Laurie read over the blog post on her laptop  for the ninth time. A frisson of glee swept over her. Wow, this was going to dynamite!  She skimmed over the facts of the story.  Terreghe Lawrence, a single, Christian, male, youth corper had died the day before while taking a swim in a rural steam at Asaba. The details of his death were shady, but God forbid she tell her readers that. She called it suicide. The young man had supposedly been jilted by his childhood sweetheart, he had been broke for weeks and was yet to receive his allowance, his parents were threatening to disown him over his refusal to join the family cult. These and more lies she generously tossed into the post that was to garauntee traffic to her award winning blog today. Looking at her work she felt another rush of pride. Yes! This was the bomb!




Kerreghe attempted to drown his pain in a bottle of dry gin. Henieken was his usual brand but when one suddenly losses his twin brother, norms fly out of the window. He reached for his cell phone,  30 missed calls, mostly worried friends a few from co-workers.

He was about to drop it when it rang again. It was Osaze, his main man, the closest person to him after Terreghe. He picked the call
“Hello, Saz”
“Kay, na wa oh!  Sorry oh! Wey  you dey?” Osaze’s voice was gruff.
“I dey Mama Silas place. Early mor-mor I suppose go Asaba go bring the body come bury. No long ting.” His eyes grew misty and he swallowed a sob.
” OK now, make we waka like that.” He paused “Abeg no too vex for wetin that Laura babe write o! Na money she dey find and lack of husband set follow worry am.
“Which Laura? The one we dey write for internet?  Wetin she write?” A surge of anger hit him.
” Ehn… just some kind lies sha, make dat  one no worry you.”

They concluded arrangements for bringing the corpse down and agreed to meet. He tapped in the name of Laura’s website and read her post. When he finished he was outraged. He still had his firearms, tokens of his time spent as a hitman in one of the leading secret cults on campus. He knew exactly what to do. No one would slander any of his loved ones and get away with it. No one.


Three months later it made headlines worldwide and was blogged and reblogged in a frenzy.
The title was simple – Famous female blogger shot by unknown gunman.

And had  Laurie been able to see,she would have been pleased to note that her blog traffic was higher than ever.

30 thoughts on “Laurie’s Last Lie” by Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

  1. Whoa! This is fantastic, really. I didn’t see it coming…. seems we should be careful with what we blog?!

    The opening paragraph seems too big for a flash story like this. In journalism we say you should drip feed your readers with info, I think the same should apply in other writing, especially flash fiction with heavy punches like this. Keep it up, gal.

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      Thank you @elovepoetry I have noted the corrections you gave.

  2. I love this story.

  3. Oh, I know a blogger who should get to read this, her name does start with L too.

    Sunshine, this is really good…the twist and moral is worth the time.

    Well done jare. $ß.

  4. I know a blogger too, but its also a must read for others.

    I love the moral behind this story. Simple and concise.

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      Thank you @Jadesola We all need to flee greed, your insight is reassuring.

  5. Splendid piece of writing Sunshine! Sins of the bloggers do live with the bloggers. Several if not all are guilty of this sin…

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      @Francis Thank you! you are such a charmer.

  6. love this. well don jare
    the craze for traffic…

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      Thanks @osakwe, so lovely having you come around, you are so scarce these days…

      1. been quite busy my dear. kids, books and work. i try to pop in from time to time.

  7. aadetoyin (@aadetoyin)

    Hmmmmm guess bloggers should think well before posting stuff on their blogs. Its not always about the traffic

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      yes @aadetoyin they should, thank you for your time and thoughts.

  8. The irony, @nicolebassey.

    Somehow, I wish you had expanded this story – there was too much stuff in here for a flash.

    I wonder whether it will get to the point where people stop reading blogs because it’s hard to tell truth from fiction.

    Well done.

  9. @nicolebassey lol, this is the sub of life!!!
    I dont know I’m a little caught on the fence when it comes to blogging, but I think Nigerians sometimes are difficult to read, the same people who’d complain, would bookmark the blog page as their favorite,
    i think the suicide story takes it too far, without proper credibility, but have you seen the tabloid magazines in the US and the speculations they make about ppl? its all hype and a bid to sell, i think we either shut the offensive blog down, or grow a thick skin

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      Hmm, thank you for your time and your thoughts @mobola.

  10. I’m sorry, do you (also) not like Linda Ikeji? Hahahahaa!

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      @missmeddle Lol, of course I do, very successful blogger with a vivid imagination :-)

  11. leroyA (@LEROY)

    Story with a message! On point reading. I hope the story is not prophetic? Especially for our country, Nigeria and it’s still young and abused Blogosphere.

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      @LEROY that’s scary… thanks for your time and your thoughts.

  12. Too extreme.
    My mouth is still open.

    1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

      hehe @itsabum , thank you.

  13. @nicolebassey, hats off to you, you know how to do it short and sweet. Welldone. Great message here. Now, I know why I don’t blog, lol.

  14. Brilliant.

    Linda Ikeji, please note. lol.

  15. Make una leave my cousin Linda alone oh. Hymar’s latest lie, lol

  16. very good story…..i knew who it was from the beginning tho

  17. I love this………

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