If our  Executives were not Executhieves

If our Executives were not Executhieves

Our country and the change we seek which is hard to find but we remain hopeful.

What if you aren’t reading this now?
Its purpose and theme could have been meaningless.
The better world we seek could have been hopeless
Our mind and heart could have been clothless
This poem could have been worthless
Maybe our lifes could have been lifeless

What if you are reading this now?
And you are reading it loud for the cosmos
Maybe in mount Everest or mount Cristos
With the angels gathered like folks legions
And you are doing this for a purpose
Then you are reading this as supposed

What if you believe what I am going to say?
And you heed to it with no delay
And you see through it as it lay
Then Welcome to a world with no play.

A world of What ifs……

What if there was this days?
A day where mind lives happily and truth reigns
Where the lives of the people is secured with no pain
Where the upper and the low join hands in the same train
Where the brains look forward to thinking sane
Where the education of our children is secured and well trained

What if we could hear other peoples thoughts?
And see there inner minds when they fought with pride
Maybe before we leap we would have a wrought-thought inside
Maybe our leaders will have a re-thought for changes
Maybe the country can be better than we ought

What if this country could be repaired and parched like machine?
Our lives and the lives of leaders would be serviced and re-trimmed
Stereotype would be washed away from the scene
Until then we would see this country as a bestseller film with superstars
All doings and acts would be re-screened and censored

What if our lives was like a sim recharged with a12 secret pin?
Perhaps our lives will be more worthless than we have seen
The rate of corruption will be at the highest scene
Maybe our mindless leaders will keep it all to their selves
And keep for their families yet unseen
While we die for lack of not recharging our sim
Maybe there will be no heaven no hell no pain no gain

What if the Dana plane crash could be averted?
And the Sosoliso plane crash never claimed any lives
The beautiful souls regained
The bleeding hearts never bled
The tears shed could have been waned
Our mind and heart could not have been detained
The white porcelain could not have stained

What if Achebe could live a century more?
The effective change
The upgrading stage
The better State
The wages
And the sages
All We look forward to see would have been realized
Maybe two century more would suffice

What if there are still true Nigerians out there?
What if there are still believers of Nigerians out there?
What if the self and group aggrandizement could be fought out here?
What if the seed of excessive greed could be uprooted out there?
What if the seed of togetherness can be planted out there?
What if that pest could be fumigated out there?
What if that remedy can be found out there?
What if we know that hope for the future must emanate from we out there?
What if our executives were not executhieves?
What if those rhetorical questions can be answered out there?
The End

8 thoughts on “If our Executives were not Executhieves” by Bola (@basittjamiu)

  1. Sighs. It ain’t easy to do a science-based poem esp for a contest. You tried thou. I no even know Wetin u dey talk self.

    1. Bola (@basittjamiu)


  2. I like this. I really did. It shows that you put work in this. It seemed a little long, but that isn’t a problem. I think it could do with a some reworking, there were some issues with it, like:

    “What if there was this days?”. Should be “What if there WERE THESE days?”

    “A day where ‘mind’ lives happily and truth reigns” should be ‘The mind’ or ‘minds’

    Nice work. Hope to see more like this.

    1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

      I will keep trying jare!
      thanks for the comment.
      I Know I will win caine prize someday.
      *broken heart*

    2. Nice observation man

  3. At least you know your rhymes, though some seemed forced e.g., “The tears shed could have been waned.” Nice work, though.

  4. #sighs… this poem need a total overhaul. nice message though

  5. good @basittjamiu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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