BellaDona – Part 3

Note before reading: It gets more racy as you keep reading. 



“Open the door,” said Ifeyinwa.

“And the magic word is?” replied Somto.


“I mean it,” said Somto. “Say please!”

“Maybe if I call Cassandra you’ll open it right?”

Somto smiled, shaking his head, and then he unlocked the door. “Get in,” he said, and he opened the door.

“So what changed your mind?”

“Pity,” Ifeyinwa answered.

“What?” asked Somto, outraged.

“Yeah Pity,” Ifeyinwa said. “I saw you’re really lonely, and you needed my company and I said why don’t I help the needy and bless you with my presence.”

Somto’s mouth was half opened. “Are you serious?” he asked, as his mind comtemplated which girl was better; the Ifeyinwa years ago who was, though obese, funny and exciting to be around, or the girl he was seeing now, a sexy and self absorbed girl who felt she was God’s gift to men.

“You can thank me later,” she told him. “You don’t have to thank me now.”

Somto’s phone suddenly rang, snapping him back to reality. He looked at the number, shook his head and put it in his pocket.

“Who is that calling?” Ifeyinwa asked. “Your girlfriend?”

“Are you trying to ask me something?” Somto replied with a grin.

“Something like what?” said Ifeyinwa, her eyes fixed on his.

Somto just laughed as he started the car and drove off.

Fidelis sat outside the front porch that night with a cutlass, waiting for his brother to get back. It was at about eleven thirty PM, and he had just gotten out of a fight that had broken out with a rival group at a bar some few minutes ago. Chances were that they had followed him back home, waiting for him to come out so they could strike, so he waited outside, in case they tried to attack Somto instead.

The big gate opened, and the car drove in. Fidelis sprang up, about to approach the car, when he saw that Somto wasn’t alone.

“I’m not opening the door for you,” Somto said, getting out of the car, his keys jingling as he locked his side of the door. “Why didn’t you want me to drop you at your house?”

“I already called my father’s driver,” Ifeyinwa answered, getting out of the car. “I thought I told you, I don’t want you to turn your back on me, I’d rather do the leaving.”

She jumped on him, and kissed him deeply, her hands wrapped around his neck.

“Oh, okay,” he said, holding her waist as she wrapped her legs around him. He kissed her, his hands slowly descending till he was cupping her buttocks and squeezing them. “You know,” he said, as their lips separated so they could breath. “If anyone told me that some time in the year two thousand and twelve I’d be kissing you, I would have laughed.”

“Laughed?” replied Ifeyinwa, kissing him and then withdrawing her lips as if teasing him. “And what would you do if anyone said we were going farther, right here, right now, on your father’s car bonnet.” She continued kissing him, while she let one of her hands off his neck, and dipped it into his pants.

Somto managed not to bite her tongue which was halfway down his throat, but it was a close thing.

“What the hell are you doing?” he asked, as her cold hands grabbed him. He let her down, but she ignored him as she busied herself with unbuckling his belt, then undoing his pants and then stroking the length of him which gradually became engorged. “My mum might be watching from the window,” he said, even though he made no effort to resist her. “Stop!”

Ifeyinwa was oblivious to his words as she worked him, letting him roll around her tongue, sucking him, teasing and kissing him.

“Are you – not bo – bothered about what I’m going to think of you,” said Somto. “I mean it’s our first date.”

Ifeyinwa got up at this.

“First date,” she said with an incredulous laugh. “We’ve known each other for years now.” She unbuttoned her shirt to unleashing the enormity of her bust. The way they bounced out as she let down her bra, and the way they looked so inviting made Somto momentarily confused. They were the nicest set he had ever seen, luscious and smooth, ending in dark and perky points.

He kissed it automatically, burying his face in between them and fondling them with his hands, sniffing them and cupping them. They were very soft, and smelt fresh as though she had just taken a bath. As he sucked at them, she stroked him which was now so hard and erect that she could barely wrap her small hand around it. He stepped back as she undid her trousers and pulled it down. He bit his lips as his eyes traced the V-line she had made with her pubic hair around her vee.

“What?” she asked, as he stared at it.

Somto just shook his head, apparently short of words. He reached into his wallet, took out a condom and in seconds he had put it on.

“Are you ready?” he asked, as his fingers played with the soft mound.

“Yes,” she said, nodding, and with the speed of a moving bullet, he was inside her.

“Ouch!” she cried, pushing him away. “Are you trying to stab me to death? Don’t put everything inside.”

“Sorry,” he said, and slowly he began to thrust making sure not to go all the way in. he did this as slowly as he could so he wouldn’t shake the car too much and cause a lot of noise, but Ifeyinwa couldn’t care less. She arched her back, and thrust her hip forward, moaning loudly.

“Hey calm down,” said Somto, panic in his voice. He tried to look around to be sure nobody was looking. “You’ll wake somebody up.”

She grabbed his head and kissed him deeply, to shut him up, and then thrust her hip a couple more times, before pushing him away. Somto felt uncomfortable.

“My dad’s driver is here,” she said, pulling her trousers back up. She slipped the condom off him, tucked it back inside his pants, did his belt, and patted his crotch as if to say good job. “Did you cum?” she asked him.

“Yeah I did,” Somto lied.

“Great,” said Ifeyinwa. “Okay, bye.”

And just like that, she left, leaving Somto a little bit confused, embarrassed and unsatisfied.


The next morning came with yells as Mrs. Adibua and Mr. Adibua woke up.

“You did not pick your calls,” shouted Mrs. Adibua as a sleepy Somto got up from bed.

“For God’s sake you took someone’s daughter out,” shouted Mr. Adibua. “Can you imagine how worried they were?”

“I don’t think he should see the girl anymore,” added Mrs. Adibua, shaking her head.

“Er,” began Somto but he was cut off by Mr. Adibua.

“Shut up, you are very irresponsible,” he scolded. “Where did you take her?”

“We were at the park,” said Somto rubbing his eyes. “We lost track of time. I don’t see why you guys are over reacting. Fidelis sleeps out most of the time and I don’t see you guys making a fuss about it.”

“How dare you?”

“Honey calm down,” cried Mrs. Adibua, holding Mr. Adibua who had lunged at Somto back. “He has learnt his lesson, it will not happen again. Let us go, if we don’t leave for the meeting now we might not make it on time.”

Hesitantly, M. Adibua left with his wife to get ready.

“I can’t wait to get my Visa and leave this house,” muttered Somto as he got back into the bed to try and go back to sleep, but Fidelis tapped him.

“Park, no really park?” he said. “That’s the best you could come up with. Since when did anyone with a life lose track of time in the park; that dead place.”

“We just talked,” said Somto, covering himself with his blanket.

“About what?”

“Dude,” snapped Somto. “Let me sleep.”

“Oh, okay. Sorry if I’m disturbing you,” said Fidelis. “But just so you know, I’m not the only one who saw you fucking Ifeyinwa on daddy’s car.”

“What the hell,” Somto sprang up from bed. “Who else saw us?”

“Let me leave you to sleep,” said Fidelis, turning around. Now that he had gotten Somto’s attention, he wanted to play a little bit.

“Seriously dude,” said Somto, tapping Fidelis. “How did you know, where you looking through the window, who else knew, was it mum?”

“So you admit you fucked her then?” said Fidelis, turning around.

“Well,” said Somto, scratching his head. He lay back down on the bed and looked at the ceiling, remembering what happened last night. “It’s kind of like she fucked me instead. She’s crazy; I think that’s the craziest experience I’ve had in a while.”

Fidelis laughed. “Hope you used a condom though?”

“Of course I did,” said Somto. “I’m not like you.”

“And I hope you disposed the condom yourself?”

Somto looked confused and a disgusted. “What?”

“I said that I hope you threw away the condom by  yourself.”

“I know what you said you idiot,” retorted Somto. “What does it matter?”

“You know I always told mum and dad that I was grateful that they took me to a federal boarding school,” said Fidelis. “Any sensible guy knows better than to leave his used condom lying around. If you patronized a lot of hookers, you would have known.”

“Well Ifeyinwa is not a hooker,” said Somto defensively. “She’s my girlfriend now.”

“OMG you only just went out once,” said Fidelis not believing his ears. “And I could see the both of you, the sex wasn’t that great. If anything it was awkward. Don’t tell me you’re falling for her already.”

“Nope,” said Somto, looking apprehensive. “Of course not.”

“You are,” said Fidelis, a hint of disgust in his tone. “I can see that stupid look on your face. Jeez bro, calm down.”

“What?” asked Somto.

“Look all I’m just saying is be careful,” said Fidelis. “You might be older than me, but I’m definitely more experienced with all these street girls.”

“Ifeyinwa is not a street girl,” said Somto. “For God’s sake you’re confusing her for all those cheap skates you hang out with and keep trying to hook me up with.”

“And you say you’re not falling for her,” said Fidelis. He got up from the bed, dragged his towel and stood at the doorway. “One question though, when do you think she’ll have sex with me?”

He ran right into the bathroom and bolted the doors as Somto chased him, ready to pummel him.

Days turned to weeks in the Adibua house, and to Somto, the date of his departure out of the country couldn’t come any slower. Ifeyinwa hadn’t come to visit since the last time she came, and she hadn’t called either. Yes they had been friends since they were little, and they had only gotten in touch after so many years of being apart, did the meeting that took place a few weeks ago change anything. Did the awkward and disgraceful sex they had had made a difference to their relationship

Not that it bothered him though, up until when he saw her he didn’t even know if she was still alive, but still…

Mrs. Adibua came inside the boys’ room without knocking as usual.

“You have a visitor,” she said. She sounded angry and Fidelis assumed it was probably one of his many friends that Mrs. Adibua hated because she felt they were irresponsible and a bad influence on him.

“Boy or girl,” he asked, getting up to look through the window.

“Not for you,” answered Mrs. Adibua. “It’s that girl, Ifeyinwa.”

Somto face lit up so fast. “Ifeyinwa!” he said simply, trying to sound nonchalant.

“I thought I told you never to see that girl again,” said Mrs. Adibua, pointing a warning finger at him.

Somto ignored her as he put on a shirt. “I didn’t know she was coming,” he said, getting up. “I haven’t spoken to her since they visited us last two weeks.”

“Oh, okay,” said Mrs. Adibua following him out of the room. “But you can tell her now not to bother you again. Open the door, I can even tell her for you.”

She stopped behind him, as he stopped at the door and turned around.

“Can I have some privacy,” he asked. “I can handle it myself, don’t worry.”

“You do whatever you please,” said Mrs. Adibua, leaving him. “I’ll be in my room, so you can tell me if you’ve done it.”

Somto heard the door to his mother’s room slam shut and then he opened the door.

“Hi,” said Ifeyinwa, smiling. She wore a short skirt with skin tight panty-hose and he hair was a lot bushy today than the last time they saw. She moved pulled him towards her and kissed him, grabbing his ass when he did not try to grab ass.

“Hey,” he kissed her. “My mum,” he kissed her again. “Is in,” he kissed her even deeper. “In the next room, stop it.”

“I had no idea,” she lied. “Sorry.”

“It’s no biggy,” Somto told her as he slowly locked the door, allowing time for his erection to subside. If he was confused a few weeks ago, he was more confused now. What was she playing at, was this just a sex thing, or was she being serious with him. He wanted to ask her, but it felt kind of silly for him to ask such a question when it should be the other way round.

They entered the room. Fidelis lay there in his boxers, shirtless, watching the program on the television.

Ifeyinwa entered and her eyes raked his full muscled body, but stopped at his waist as Somto entered.

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  1. Just started going out with Sumto and she’s already tripping for his brother..
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  5. @jacobolisajones, unless Ifeyinwa has an ulterior motive, her actions with Somto don’t sound realistic to me. Also, I’m beginning to feel that Somto and Fidelis’s relationship feels more like one between friends than between brothers, but maybe it’s just me.

    Maybe you could use asterisks to show the passage of time, e.g. the time between when Somto/Ifeyinwa went out and when Fidelis was waiting at the door stop.

    Well done.

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