Waiting for you to come home

Waiting for you to come home

Last night, I tried but I couldn’t sleep

My mind danced, eyes twitched

My belly rumbled, just as the doorbell rings

I stand, sit and rise again

Please Lord, no soldiers today

It’s been a year of cold waiting

Through lonely winter nights

And pillows of tears

Silent rhythms of body aging

Aging from the lack of you here

Do come home

When the evil war passes over

Its sweet ending brings us together

Let the promise of forever stay stronger

Sipping sweet scents into my life

As I stand to open my home’s door

Let it be no soldier of death

I look through my door’s hole

A glimpse of dread

Sturdy fellow on the other side peeps back

A braveness takes over

I open with peace

He opens his lips

He bravely shatters my soul

Today is the end

He spills tales of death like it’s fame

Another one of us has fallen today, he says

Fallen or died?

For political ego or justice?

His death holds no gallant victory for me

It’s bleeding sorrow



Lord, I had prayed the fallen one won’t bear this address or name.

Authors note

Lately, the thought of war and the pain it leaves behind has overwhelmed me. We do not want war; we want peace, love, joy and life abundantly.

20 thoughts on “Waiting for you to come home” by Shally-Ashimi (@Shally-Ashimi)

  1. @ Shally-Ashimi. Very lovely and message well delivered.

    1. @sade, thank you so much for reading and commenting.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya, That deepness is like a wave. it takes over me sometimes. Thanks for reading.

  2. wow…. lovely

  3. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    truly TRUE.
    peace is what we need now.

    1. @basitjamiu, Definitely, we need peace everyday, even in our lives. Thanks for reading.

  4. This was a very smooth-flowing poem that mixed the longings of a lover.into a simple, straightforward anti-war message.

    At least, it wasn’t the MC’s loved one whose death was reported.

    “My belly rumbled, just as the doorbell rings” > “My belly rumbled, just as the doorbell rang

    I would have removed the line “Please Lord, no soldiers today”, since you used a similar line later on.

    Well done, @Shally-Ashimi.

    1. @TolaO Thanks for the review. Yes, I should be rang and it is the MC”s or the person who narrated the story was the one whose husband died…

      1. Oh no!

        So he died!

        I should have seen this line: “He bravely shatters my soul”.

        I would have thought that he would moderate his report by not reporting tales of death like they’re tales of fame.

        Sigh… too bad, @shally-ashimi.

  5. Beautiful poetry, with an endearing flow and passion. The message is true. well done @Shally-Ashimi

  6. Lovely poem… No more war!

    1. @topazo, thank you…No more war, Yes.

  7. nice poem, and message…. keep it up

  8. @Shally-Ashimi
    great write……… loving and loving it……………

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