Sons On Errand

Sons On Errand


Do not mistake or misjudge me

I acknowledge the essence of service

That each man has to offer

With his heart, mind and strength

To Him who is Lord of all

(This is truly why we live on earth)

But here in men do wrong

When they always work as slaves

And fail to realize that they are

The loved sons of the Love God.


They are religious

And know God only as ‘Master’

They never see that they are sons

And all the words in their dictionaries

Start and end in ‘servant’ and ‘service’.


We must labour while we live on earth

But service is secondary to worship

So in your walk and work with God

Know that you are first, sons of God

And that you carry His mind in you

Which is to please the Lord.


So that as you fellowship with the Father

You’ll also be open to run His errands

To bring His message to your brethren

Not as slaves, but as sons on errand.


Luke 15:25-32, Matt. 4:10


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