Short poems in A-minor (Part 4)

Short poems in A-minor (Part 4)

‘Tis told I heard,
’bout a wee bonnie lass
with a smile that tuned bagpipes
in a heart, full, like a birthing moon
on a feet swift like the wind

‘Tis said I heard,
she hardly tarried till noon,
never seen at dusk
she left butterflies agape in her wake

‘Tis strange they said,
A flirting wish she was
The last promise to man,
never to be seen again
Since that wee Jasmine flower sprouted
beneath the wishing tree
in the last summer of our youth.

All he hath
See that wee young lad
Strutting tall and proud
Feather in his hat
The shine in his shoes
Guineas in his pockets
The world fawning in his presence
‘Tis presented that he hath all he wants

See that wee young lass
Strutting tall and proud
Gold on her wrist
Pearls around her neck
The world fawning in her presence
‘Tis presented that she hath all she wants

See the owner of this here wee story
The skint of his pocket
The stormy purples of his soul
The screaming silence in his hours
‘Tis presented that he hath all he wants
Yes it is.

The smile of brown eyes
The scent of jasmine flowers
‘Tis, indeed presented that he hath all he wants

6 thoughts on “Short poems in A-minor (Part 4)” by Eldee (@codrojac)

  1. NOTES:

    Wee = Little
    bonnie = Pretty
    Lass = Girl, Young woman
    Lad = boy, Young man

  2. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    nice! but I failed the comprehensibility of the poem.

  3. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @codrojac, i love this. Reminds me slightly of Kipling’s poems. You did good men – the scottish line was a fine add too

  4. I kept remembering all the novels I had read that were set in Ireland or scotland.

    the second looks like the ‘vanity is vanity phrase to me.
    I’ll tell you though that 1, 2, 3 beat this one, for me.
    Welldone Eldee. $ß.

  5. Come back to earth. You are lucky Soyinka isn’t in NS. I once heard him lambast the archaic sounding poets

  6. Your creativity got me last and that to me showed its a nice poem…..

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