Short poems in A-minor (Part 3)

Short poems in A-minor (Part 3)

In the wind
Words of love, borne in the wind,
Leaves me giddy
Lightly like a butterfly
I fall, tasting you like cherry drops

Touch of love, borne in the wind
Away from me,  yet so close
That I lie still
Until my hands recover from your skin

Taste of you, borne in the wind
Beckoning me,
Beckoning me….

The process of being Eve
As dusk falls
Her ning’s uncurls
Bringing the night in her wake
Eve ning till dawn

And when she departs
My mourning is born
With the morning sun

The shard.
Numbly I sift
Through strewn pieces of time
A shard of your smile
Cuts through the skin
I bleed hope
Pain cries

“The scent of life !”

See, a picture speaks a thousand words
That single shard, a world thought lost
And so deeper, I cut
For to live, I must.


6 thoughts on “Short poems in A-minor (Part 3)” by Eldee (@codrojac)

  1. Beautiful.
    Well done. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte thanks.

      I see the A-minor series has got a number 1 fan. Part-4 is just round the corner….

    2. Join me in that fan list with @sibbylwhyte. Lovely poems.

  2. great, sweet poems

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