Short poems in A-minor (Part 2)

For Anna….
It was always on the sidewalk,
Broken like the passing mob chasing the clock
Threadbare and slowly aging with the cracks on the walk
Welded into the montage of the corner block
It’s smell and filth slotted as an extra today
A forgotten edit the next day
A dark mold another day

Everyday, it was on that sidewalk
Dying not too far from our mental shores
‘Till It did and a little pink finger caressed my shoes
As I happened by, telling my laces, telling my laces……..

The day the Man died
I always thought statues inanimate
Oblivious to all
Until the day the Man died
I never knew a stone to cry
But on that day we turned our backs
Secure in our masks
Tear drops I did see
On the face of a hewn stone
On the day the Man died.

Poor little boy.
Through the tears on his face
The dirt in his nails
The crumbs in his plate
The chains of his fate

I saw a life sated in pain
A heart numb to the ache
A soul condemned to wait

Through the need in his eyes
Drawn with the lines on his face
I saw the map of the world

3 thoughts on “Short poems in A-minor (Part 2)” by Eldee (@codrojac)

  1. I like your A-minor poems. Heck! I like your poems. There’s smtn bout them; the writing is elegant.
    Well done, Eldee. $ß.

  2. @sibbylwhyte thanks.

    I see you enjoyed these poems. Perhaps you might want to read the Part-1 of this series. Link posted below.

  3. The power of your poems! See, this is why I like short poems: the haikus, tankas, sonnets, brief free verse. With a skilful poet who values what a rich economy of words can do, poetry can bless and reveal.

    And you know something else? You write with an allure that blends the brilliance of complexity with the beauty of simplicity. This encourages one to read again, peel layer after layer and get to the real ‘under of pot.’

    Lovely, man.

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