Restoring Hope

PROJECT 2121 [Part 1]

There was a point in time, very far back then, when this city was not just a land full of waste and empty faces. Then, the people of this city actually had the smear of hope painted on their eyes, but all that changed when the high authorities decided to assign a singularity chip to every living soul living in the city. They called it Project 2121; a biometric system in which the elites without any form of constitutional hindrances accessed people’s information and behaviors through the Grid Act 20. Their proposed plan was to obtain full control of every person living in the city. This highly budgeted project was the beginning of the eternal decay of this place once called the crocodile city. Now, all one could see were empty homes and half-robotized beggars.  There were no longer baked beans stands, or the famous metro-complex buildings that once housed the famous 29’ museum; now this entire city only hosted wasted dreams.

Outsiders who dared passing through this city could clearly see all the so-called efforts~ by~ the so-called framed elites. The year was 2121, and this place was still a desolated grid; an abandoned system run by corrupt administrators. Rain no longer blessed us with its many droplets, but it did not matter much because, no one cared for the scientific tokens from the clouds. The air here was unfair and relentlessly brutal. People had dejection evidently stamped on their faces; a few looked like they were missing their souls. Misdirection from the city commissioners squeezed this place into a big pile of liquidated trash. Everyone covered their mouths for fear for the bitter smell of death.

Touch me, and I go kill you,” was the new anthem around these parts. Years of utter desperation had corrupted the masses including the spiritual heads; the greedy grew more horns, and the blood thirsty were much hungrier for flesh. There was nothing futuristic about this dead city, and everyone knew that the fore-tellers of the old had lied; this place was now a vintage mess. A city where most inhabitants could not tell between day and night was only destined to crumble.

The framed elites like gods poured down their retribution to the masses down below. This was not the city my father had once told me about. The once beautiful crocodile city was now referred to as Project Succubus by outsiders.

But soon enough I got tired of eating the same crumbs over and over again.

And after that day the elites announced that access to the Moon system had been permanently cancelled, I finally decided that I had to bring an end to this life of ominous disdain. I promised myself I would stand up and fight these so called prioritized monkeys, but in order to begin the long journey of struggle, I had to seek wisdom from an old soul. So there I went, to the house of the Ivory Calabash.


Thanks for reading, please comment below on if you would like to see another part to this story

10 thoughts on “PROJECT 2121 [Part 1]” by Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

  1. Eazy (@amdaboss30)

    Nice story line with a combination of feint rhythm and suspense.

    Yeah…….. You can do better and hope you improve in the next episode??

    Other then that, you rock.!!!

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @amdaboss30 I will definitely improve on building a thick sense of suspense..Thanks for reading bro. I appreciate your comment

  2. Government with their hope-full promises usually dig the hole deeper around us. The biometric chip? Are U in anyway referring to the kind planned for the ‘Mericans? Lol.

    This piece does have a way about it. Like lyrical prose. I want to know what happened at the house of the Ivory calabash. So, please post part 2.
    Well done, Uyi. $ß.

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @sibbylwhyte hey thanks for stopping by. No, i am not referring to that plan. Actually I am projecting what I feel the current Nigerian government will propose in a future nearby. Fiction though.
      Thanks, I will post part 2 soon enough, and I hope to see your constructive comment again. Cheers

      1. Lol. This nigerian govt? Ha! U want me to laugh ba? In real time, they would even make the robotized people to work and when and if they get paid, the money would be sent back to an account owned by one pot bellied politician. People will work while they chop. Of course, it happens already. This one would be an upgraded version since they would remember to remove the complaint and rioting chip from the robots.

        The setting just seemed Mericanized. Maybe you could make the naija setting apparent in subsequent posts. Keep writing. $ß.

        1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

          @sibbylwhyte complaint, yes the setting looks Mericanized, but my inspiration was from a city in naija. I will smoothen out the setting and feel in upcoming episodes.

  3. I would definitely like to see another part @wordsfromuyi. I like the language and style but watch your words, it is desolate, not desolated. Famed, not framed, etc…

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @Myne Thanks..I like that your enjoy the language style. Yep, I will watch my words more carefully. Thanks for posting your comments. I value your time.. Please come around after I post part 2. Thanks

  4. There’s a detached, isolated feel about this… Prolly cos you don’t give a glimpse of what the city was earlier… As a result, I don’t connect with your words… Then something niggles me about the POV

    1. Uyiosa (@wordsfromuyi)

      @wendeekay thanks for reading, I respect your constructive criticism. I plan to shed more light about crocodile city in upcoming chapters. again thanks

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