Perfection According To Me

Perfection According To Me


I am coming soon

And don’t tell me you don’t know

Our wedding has been fixed

But only you can spoil our mix

I hope you will see farther than the lynx

The hindrances which only you can cause.

I watch you from above

Claiming me here, owning me there

But I wish I can say the same for you.

You do not fornicate, yes, I tick that

Like Job you even swore

Not to give your eyes to the whore

But on  Tuesday in that bus

You could not stop wishing

It was that Mona Lisa

With face turned maroon with make-up

And showing too much skin

That sat next to you.

Or do we talk about the instant blood-rush

Which I know you will call a crush

That you had on that actress

When she gave a good account of herself

In that chick-flick?

By the way, is that a twitch I see on your face?

You mean you dare pretend before Me, your Maker?

You see to have forgotten so soon

Your spiritual birthday

When we agreed, mutually

That there was to be neither any Ice Prince nor the King of Pop

On that playlist

Yet your radio dial is always locked on Beat FM.

For all those times you frowned at thieves and stealing

All those times you stopped your pen from adding the killer zero

Your back will enjoy my pat

But I will give you a loud tap

For all those times you looked the other way

While the brown bag passed you by

Coming to tell me that annoying lie

That you had no change.

I saved you, and that is my part

I died for you, live for me.

Be perfect, as I am perfect.

4 thoughts on “Perfection According To Me” by raptureisforme (@raptureisforme)

  1. This poem is sweet and should have been sweeter had there been enough and proper punctation marks

  2. Hmm. Thinkin……gotta make it to heaven…..Lord gimme a sign

  3. Lovely, a reawakening…

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