One Sure Path To Success

One Sure Path To Success

Everyone is looking for an honest way to provide for his or her family and to succeed in life. Success has many definitions ranging from feeling good about one’s achievements to having fame and fortune but it could be defined “as becoming the person you were meant to be; not trying to be someone else, but being who God created you to be and possessing all that God wants you to possess”.

While everyone wants to succeed in life, not many are willing to pay the price. They want to change their circumstances but not their lives. Many are living unfulfilled lives because they have failed to release the good things God has placed inside them. It is even unfortunate that many people travel all over the world to find their places and purposes in life and to capture success but all along it is inside them, like a seed waiting to be cultivated.

God wants each individual to reach his maximum potential. Your purpose in life is not to be like anyone else, but to be everything God created you to be. God did not create you to float aimlessly, like a feather on the air currents. Instead, He created you to use your willpower to compel the fulfilment of your dreams.

Satan wants you to believe that you will always be poor or sick. He wants you to think that you are a failure. The truth is that you are someone special and have great potentials within you. You are not limited by high prices and inflation. All you need are good ideas from heaven. An ‘idea’ is something that exists in the mind; the product of mental activity; a thought or a mental image; the ability to see something. Sometimes, ideas may come as a strong thought or an intuitive feeling that comes from within.

It was recently noted that an average individual has over a thousand ideas a day, which pass through his mind. Sadly, most of these ideas receive no attention because we have not trained ourselves to know which ones need to be developed or which should be shelved. Not all ideas are positive, some are destructive. Positive ideas when captured and developed have great energy and can bring you success. Therefore, it is important to know the difference between them and to immediately discard all destructive ideas.

God desires to give you an idea, but you must not limit your thinking. Ideas must be received by faith (in yourself and God).If your faith is small, do not expect God to give you big ideas. An idea is inspired of God and, like a seed, carries its future within it. Once an idea is released from your heart it will grow until it becomes a blessing to humanity. Most people already have many ideas inside them, but they must acknowledge and release them as God brings them to their attention.

Since thousands of ideas go past you all the time, you need to do something with them. First of all, write down your ideas. Your memory may fail later. When you write an idea down, you capture it. Then it will crystallize before the devil can steal it from you. Next, expand on your ideas. Write down everything you feel might apply to that idea. Read books relating to your ideas. Later, you may decide to keep those thoughts or to throw them away. After this, pursue your positive ideas. Those inspired ideas inside you cannot produce anything until you allow them to exist in life.

Great men of our age were men who realized their dreams and brought their ideas into existence. The extent of your ideas does not matter, it is the effects that does. Get focused and bring forth your ideas into reality.

Many years ago, a mechanic who earned twenty dollars a week received an inspired idea. This idea brought about the mass production of automobile which later revolutionized the entire automobile industry. In twenty years, that man became the wealthiest man in the world. His name was Henry Ford.

In 1975, two young men who dropped out of college created a computer in their garage that forced IBM (which held 60% of the world’s computer market at that time) to drastically change within 5 years it’s methods of manufacturing, software production, sales and machine security. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were the two young men and Apple Computer was their company. None of these young men in the very beginning have any clue what the full impact their ideas would have on the world. Neither will you know the impact of your ideas on the world until you have acted on them.

Dear reader, as you release and develop your ideas, you make for yourself a path unto unprecedented greatness. With ideas you can make something out of nothing, be everything you are created to be, have everything you are created to have and much more importantly affect lives positively and as you do this, I see you soar at the top.

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  1. @Osita: This is just tremendous, an awe inspiring masterpiece! Keep this is, looking forward to more uplifting write-ups from “your corner” .

    1. Join me in asking God for more grace and more ink to my pen.Ever fresh inspiration is what I ask for.Thanks for spending your time to read and drop your comment.

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  3. Ideas rule the world.
    You sound so much like my pastor. hehehehe

    1. Thanks for stopping by to read my article.I will like to know who your pastor is.

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