Once In a Lifetime – Spousal treatment

Okay men, have you ever thought of doing something that’ll make your spouse blush for the next seven days? You know, give her that special feeling and make her remember the days when you first met. I call it the ‘Once in a lifetime’ treatment.
Trust me; it’ll improve your love life and definitely the bedroom life too. Just because you wake up in the same bed every day since you got married doesn’t make her any less beautiful or special. She’s still that special woman you fell in love with and decided to spend the rest of your life with.
So you see her when she’s all messed up at that time of the month, you see her crabby face when it’s without make-up early in the morning, so you know how her fart smells…so what? She had all those things when you were courting her and you were still all over her. You chose to ignore them. Don’t use them as an excuse now.
Men, ask your wife out on a proper date. You know, just ask if she’ll be free on the said date. Who said you can’t go out on planned dates just ‘cos you’re married? It’s not only on Valentines’ day that you do something out of the ordinary for her.
Make it more special by going shopping for the perfect dress you’d like to see her in. Nothing slutty; just sexy and decent. A romantic colour; maybe red, black, silver or even gold (hey, you can’t do this if you don’t know her size and taste). Send it as a package to the house on the day of the date; attach a note saying you’d like to see her in it later that evening. She’s gonna think you’re crazy and wonder what has come over you. But she’ll wear it anyway, and she’d love it (as long as it’s her size.) Guess what? Even if she isn’t really crazy about the dress, she’ll wear it just because you took out time to go shopping for her.
Get home in time for your date and dress like a real gentleman. A suit would do the trick. When she comes out of the bathroom to show herself off to you…compliment her. Not the usual “You look great” or “you look good”. Make it more romantic, something different, out of the ordinary. For example “You look simply amazing. Look at that body. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever set my eyes on.” She’d blush crazily and probably say something like “Oh stop it” or “Thank you”. Depends on the kind of woman she is.
Then lead her to the car and don’t jump into the drivers’ seat as usual. Open the door for her. I bet you that will wow her. Do the same when you get to the restaurant and don’t forget to also pull out her chair when it’s time to sit down. While you both eat and talk; make it a point of duty to stare at her like a love-struck teenager. That shouldn’t be too hard because she’s all dressed up in a sexy dinner gown and you’ve not seen her that way in a long while. You’re so used to seeing her in house clothes or work clothes that you forget that there’s a woman beneath- the woman she was when you first married her. She might have put on a little weight now ‘cos she’s borne your kids, but she’s still that beauty you fell in love with years ago.
When you stare at her, she’d feel shy for the first time in years with you. She’d be that self-conscious woman she was on her first date with you. She’d blush, giggle, smile and adore you all at once. Trust me, the next day she’ll boast to her friends what a romantic gentleman her husband is.
She’d walk on air for the next seven days, maybe. It could be more. Your sex life would definitely improve. You will see her in a different light, and you’d find yourself falling in love with her all over again.
The truth is every lady likes to be treated like one, no matter how old she is. I’m not saying you’ve got to do the whole car door thing all the time, but a little thoughtfulness from you will help a lot. A romantic text message in the middle of the afternoon while you’re in the office, to let her know you’re thinking about her. A romantic note placed somewhere least expected…her dressing table, her purse or even her Bible. Get back home a bit earlier than usual and decide to make dinner. Give her a surprise kiss when she gets back from the day’s work and make her feel appreciated.
Now, I’m not an expert in things like this…I can only tell you what I think I know about women in general. Who knows? It might help a bit.
Make your woman special, give her that once in a lifetime treatment and get the romance back in your marriage!

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  1. @TolaO

    Please read and…comment.Good or bad. Thank you!

  2. Forgot @Estee and @topazo ,please read and comment too. Thanks!

  3. Simple stuff like going to the cinema to see an independent film or lying on a mat in your compound counting stars will be way more romantic for me… or some good old country karaoke. I am a bug fan of over-planned formal dates.

    1. Hmmm…..Jaywriter! U is a romantastic man…..I like the simplicity of lying on the mat and belting out good old country songs together.
      I was actually telling a friend last night how I like a man with rhythm be it….singing, playing a musical instrument or ‘dirty dancing’ and breaking out sweat to music Lol.

      However, I also like planned luxurious dates because the thought and planning that goes into it is what matters- makes it all phenominal.

      1. @jaywriter…..look above lol.

      2. @Zikora

        Don’t get me wrong oh. You could plan road trips… or outside state trips… Or even make elaborate plans to visit Paris or Venice or Notting Hill.

        But there’s no way I would understand ‘over-planning’ a regular date. It’s like over-planning sex. What happens next? Will you get a new dress when we wanna go see Iron Man 3? I guess I am one of the few weirdoes who love doing simple stuff in the simplest way possible.

        #please understand the sarcasm, looooooooool

        1. Looool….no one is talking about a regulate date….those aren’t dates, they are things you should do all the time without thinking.

          Then, there are the dates….which are planned cus its bigger and could take a lot and those dnt happen often that’s why its once in a life time date….it shouldn’t be regular.

          And sex and plan should never go hand in hand! Lol….yes I get the sarcasm.

  4. *****last sentence… I am not a big fan of over-planned formal dates.

  5. @jaywriter Thanks for stopping by,sir. Different things work for different people as long as its romantic enough.

  6. Not every man likes the whole overplanned date thing but I think ladies like it. Just saying.@jaywriter

    1. I understand :)

  7. @Mimiadebayo what about men nko, women are always talking about men doing stuff for them. Why can’t women do stuff for their men too.

    Like surprise us and take us out AND PAY. Leave us little love notes too. Do something we don’t expect or ask for, but just do it because we love it.

    It’s a 2 way thing, making love and relationships last


    It’s well written and I’m sure the ladies will love it :)

    1. @dkny111…..lawd! I thought you are female all these while lmao.

      I actually agree with you about women giving, some girls look at me like I’m crazy whenever I support that notion, and its usually when I know the guy is a good man and generous too.

      However, dnt forget that women are natural born-givers……a woman is always giving in everything she does. If you are with a good woman, she is giving without thinking or keeping count…..those vitamins and anti-oxidants she slips into your tea. Those shirts, socks, boxers she buys nearly every month just cus she was passing by the store and thinks @dkny111 needs this….or damn my boo will look sexy in that jacket. Those prayers she said while rubbing your head and chest with oil while you sleep like a baby. Those times she invited your boss over and busted her best hostess skill so you could be considered for that promotion etc.

      Its endless……a woman is forever thoughful and romantic BUT the best way for women to ascertain how romantic their men are is through Mimi’s post unfortunately because some men, NOT all men seldom border.

      1. @Zikora how can you think my manly tone of writing is feminine I dey vex o :)

        Men I don’t know what woman you just described but I haven’t met any like that so far o :)

        The ones I know use my money to buy me all those gifts you just said, they don’t like my boss and after rubbing my chest with oil they snore all night so I can’t sleep :)

        OK OK I’m joking yes women are givers in everything and need to be appreciated because to be truthful without women, I’ll rephrase that with a good woman a man isn’t complete

        1. Hahahaha! @dnky111….you are very funny. Your name is the culprit for some reason it seemed feminine to me BUT not anymore!

          I have been mistaken for a guy on NS too cus of my name too.

          Well, the defining theme is a ‘good woman’ then you will definitely experience what I talked about.

          And every good woman deserve a good man and vice versa…….

          1. @Zikora OK I forgive you and yep your name does sound masculine

            Just to point out o I have a GOOD Woman one I know is God sent and I’ll adore her forever

            1. Really my name sound masculine??

              Oh you do?? Awww…we are happy for you! Hold onto her tight….good women like us are hard to come by #wink. Loool!

  8. @dkny111 you’re right it’s a two way thing.I plan on writing something about how a woman should treat her spouse. The thing is women tend to get insecure fast in marriage cos they’re getting fat and outta shape,so they need constant reminders that they’re still special to their man. #just saying#

    Thanks for reading sir!
    Lol. Couldn’t help noticing PAY was in capital letters.

  9. Hahaha @dkny111 comment. I thought the same thing too. This is a nice write up. Nice one mimi

    1. @Olan yes o women forget men have emotional needs too.

      @Mimiadebayo then they shouldn’t get fat, why will you be skinny before marriage/pre-girlfriend and then get fat after you get married?

      Please tell me if you suffered and suffered to save to buy a latest model convertible benz that you saw in a car showroom, only for it to turn into a VW beetle when you finally get it home. YOU GO GREE lol?

      Don’t mind me o I’m just looking for trouble

      1. RFLMAO! @dkny111 comparison of latest convertible benz turning into a VWbeetle…..aahahha! The trauma!

        You know that’s not a just and honest analogy right??

        1. @Zikora yes I know o just yarning dust :)

          1. Yes I know @dkny111…..it was still funny.

  10. @dkny111 why do some Men go bald after Marriage…. Lol. I’m trying to say its genetics, both men and women change after marriage. After bearing kids, she’d def go fat. Its the body’s natural response to pregnancy… Its genetics. Urgh and don’t forget the guys that lose their 6 packs and grow pot bellies (and that one is not really genetics). Lol

  11. @dkny111 I totally agree with @Olan Hahahaha.
    Genetics indeed. The pot belly is food-netics then. Tell me what you have to say about that@dkny111
    Thanks for reading,Olan dear.My fav.author. Hehehe

    1. @Olan @Miniadebayo, pot belly is not genetics, at all, at all. It is sign OF GOOD LIVING. It shows the women are taking good care of their husbands. Any man without a belly is a SHAME to their wife :)

      That pregnancy excuse for women being fat is not an excuse there are plenty of women who remain skinny after birth. The fat ones are just lazy ooooooooo :) (I’m seriously looking for trouble today)

      Men that are not bald, it is a hair cut style that shows our maturity our wisdom.

      Meanwhile Mimi I tot I was your fav writer, SO YOU ARE TWO TIMING ME WITH OLAN :)

      1. @dkny111. Seriously??? You’re actually going τ̅☺dfend potby?m Ugh…gross!

        You’re stillmav writer nah. *winks*
        Stop looking for trouble joor.

  12. Naa, its still genetics. Some women get back to being skinny after pregnancy. Some don’t. I’ve heard tales of women who almost died because of trying to lose weight after their pregnancy. If pot belly is a sign of good living, adding weight should also be, it should. And a man, who loses his muscles and gets a pot belly is no sign of good living, its plain unattractive…. Lol.

    1. Its sort of funny how men expect women to accept changes to their body structure, and even make it seem like a good thing, but they never accept changes to a woman’s body. Oh well

  13. @dkny111 Seriously??? You’re actually going τ̅☺ defend pot belly? Ewww…gross! Sign of G̲̅φφδ living ke?
    Stop looking for trouble joor.
    You’re also my fav writer nah.

    Go Olan, go Olan,go Olan. Yay! Great point there sis. I’m with you 101percent@Olan.

  14. @dkny111, @jaywriter, and all the male folks that will read this, stop being defensive. @Mimiadebayo is just telling you how to treat your women, especially if you want mind blowing treatment *** afterwards. Of course, it’s a two-way thing. Women need to treat their men real good, and maybe she’ll do another article about that. But maybe not. After all, even on this Naija Stories platform, there have been articles addressing women.
    As for you, @dkny111, busy defending pot belly and bald hair. You dey find trouble oh. When you buy a bottle of coke, beer or malt, do you expect it to be full after you’ve finished drinking it? When you buy brand new tires for that your convertible Benz, after rocking it around town, don’t you know that it will wear out? Some women are able to lose pregnancy weight with ease, but some just can’t, and it’s got nothing to do with being lazy. Even the ones that remain trim show signs of wearing out in some places, and it doesn’t make them less “woman”. Some have even had to spend good money nipping and tucking, just to please you guys. You guys better stop making it all about our body. If you want a woman that will remain physically the way she was when you met her, get a doll; don’t go for a human being.
    What do you think, @Mimiadebayo and @olan?

  15. @febidel.Hmmm…You’ve said it all. I salute you ma’m. @dkny111 T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ odds A̶̲̥̅̊я̲̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ against you sir. ђã† say you?
    Thanks for reading Febidel.

  16. @febidel @Mimiadebayo @Olan I didn’t say being fat or having a bit of weight makes a woman, “less woman” if anything we men like women with a bit of body to hold on to. It’s women that emphasis weight a lot.

    OK for my survival on NS I will say nothing again oooo, you women have won oooo

    Me I’m going to go romance the woman in my life using Mimi’s advice so I can get mind blowing treatment :)

    1. @dkny111, you’ve made the best decision. Don’t mind the other guys oh. On NS, they will say they disagree with Mimi, yet, they’ll go extra-mile, to trip their women.

      1. @febidel I don’t know o but I hope and want to believe that my guys on NS represent well

        1. @dkny111, I’m sure they do too, that’s why I think they are pretending by complaining. I’m sure they represent well.

    2. @febidel Don’t mind them ooh.

  17. @dkny111 G̲̅φφδ thinking! Off you go sir! Hope you tell me if it works out fine.Lol.

  18. I for one think I’m tired of reading ’10 ways to please your woman’ manuals.

    No offence meant. I just think by now men ought to have gotten the memo. You don’t treat her right, you deserve to lose her.

    Someone should PLEASE write something like that for the ladies.

    They need to get the M.E.M.O.

    Mimi dearie…nice one.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya I’m working on 10 ways τ̅☺ please your man. Lol. I think you’ll find that in your favour. Thanks for stopping by sir.

    2. @Seun-Odukoya, at least you agree that our men should treat us right. One gbosa for you. We’ll concede and send the M.E.M.O to the ladies (even though there are already over a million write-ups like that targeted at us).

      1. @febidel dearie…

        If there is over a million of those for you,

        you don’t want to imagine how many of this is available for us.


  19. You are on point girl. Regular nice massage should be added.

    1. @Estee Thanks for reading dear. A massage won’t be a bad idea.

      1. @Estee, I concur on that.

  20. Ok! Off to look for someone to perform the experiment on. But wait oh! Seven days you say? After suffering all this and she would remember it for only seven days? C’mon! Where’s the motivation na?

    1. @francis, the motivation is that when you give her such treats, she give you nicer treats. Lol. Hope you’ll give us feedback on her reaction to your “experiment.”

      1. @fedibel, that kind of motivation doesn’t cut it oh! It’s too much of a risk for a huge investment like this one, lol! But I’m willing to try it sha. You’ ll definitely get the result in 3D. Wish me luck!

        And @mimiadebayo, will sure have me to contend with if it doesn’t work…

          1. @francis, it should work, unless she’s not human. I’m waiting for your testimony. lol.

  21. @francis That’s just my personal time frame ooh. It will definitely be more than seven days. Lol. Thanks for reading,sir!

  22. Me, I will not say anything o… Before @febidel come and chop my head…
    I ditto @seun-odukoya sha…
    Women are too selfish jor, always wanting “once in a lifetime treatment” when will they do same for their hubbys?

    1. @topazo, I am looking for the knife to chop your head. You too, you are joining the other fake guys. Who told you we don’t give our men regular heaven on earth treatments? We are inviting them to reciprocate only “once in a while” and you want to crucify us?

      1. @febidel relax! Me I ws js joking o, spare my head pls… Lol

  23. Hehehehehehe.
    I can’t believe someone is defending pot belly.

    1. @itsabum

      What’s not to defend? If ladies can walk around with stomachs that make it hard to discern where their boobs end and where their tummies begin, what’s wrong with a guy having a one pack?


      1. @Seun-Odukoya, we have biological legitimate excuses for our “big” tummies. What’s yours? Besides, these days, I think I see more “pregnant” men than women.

        1. @febidel

          “biological legimate excuses’ my BIG BLACK BUTT.

          You wan talk child bearing abi? We’ve seen plenty women who work such that nothing remains of that post-baby bulge. That’s one.

          Two: speak for yourself. Three thirds of the girls who sport bellies like the one we’re talking about here are yet to have kids. Don’t believe me? Take a walk to any mall/cinema/shopping centre. See for yourself three.

          Three: guys drink beer. What do you guys consume?! KFC, that’s what! Plus Chicken Republic plus Biggs plus Sweet Sensation plus …

          Hehehehehe. I’m done.

          1. @Seun-Odukoya, I didn’t ask for the colour or size of your backside oh. Fit men still look fit even when they take beer; they work out. As for the never-been-pregnant big bellies, from my own observation, they are fewer than the “pregnant men”. And even at that, they try to hide them with girdles and other fashion equipments, so I don’t know where you’ve been seeing the bellies.
            But, bros, why are you fighting this idea? Women’s bodies must change. You have to love us for the beauty of our minds, not the beauty of our bodies. That’s what we’ve decided to do with your one-packs. Otherwise, you’re inferring that we do cosmetic surgeries and all the nippings and tuckings. Besides, like I mentioned earlier, there are human-size dolls that will remain full and firm; but I don’t know if they can squeeze you back or have loving conversations with you.

            1. @febidel

              Who’s fighting? I’m a lover not a.

              It’s funny how women are quick to recommend dolls for men – yet it always a woman who brings the ‘pot belly’ thing up.

              Just saying.

  24. @topazo Haba! Selfish? Nah…don’t think so. Women just need extra care.

    1. @mimiadebayo I hear u… I cnt talk cos of my oga at the top @febidel… Lol

      1. Lol, @ Oga at the top. @topazo, you can talk oh. I won’t chop your mouth, it’s your head I’m interested in.

        1. @febidel I wnt give u dt joy… I knw uv bn eyeing my head to add to ur trophy collections . hehehehehhe

          1. So which one am I – head hunter or head collector?

  25. @itsabum I can’t beleve it too.@Seun-Odukoya Hehehe. You dey vex ooh! Lol.

  26. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Na! Na!! Na!!! That was my reaction to reading this, and it had nothing to do with my cynicism. Why do you girls always think the world is about you, abeg siddon chill, much has been said, written and even enacted on how men should treat their women. How many women actually heed Beyonce’s lines in “Cater To You” Dang!

    It was a well written piece, but I disagree with everything written in it. That’s just me.

  27. @mimiadebayo I read your article with mix feelings. Am a beliver in the beauty of romance but it’s a two way and both parties should compliments each other rather than one expressing all the love while the other(women) show nada.. As a guy I’ll love nothing more than coming back home from a hard days work and meeting my spouse dressed in bikini and a cowboy’s hat our room with candles lighting up the place and a bar of chocolate on her hands and all those nice stuffs..☺

  28. @daireenonline I’m not surprised this is coming from Mr. Randy himself. Lol. Thanks for reading!
    @kingobozy Ok ok. I hear you. I know romance is a two-way thing. Thanks for reading!

    Infact y’all have motivated me to write a piece on how women should treat their man. Watch out! Its coming soon. I’ll be sure to call on y’all.

  29. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    See, right there, you did not say whether you heed, or would heed the lyrics, admonition in the song.
    Two, You just put me and a fictitious character in the same cup, I’m quite a bore you see.
    Three, good, learn, it’ll be cool if my imaginary gf got me the Samsung Galaxy S4… #just saying
    Finally, what is your real name? Mimi, that’s a nickname in my area and I razz small, so please don’t ask. Just state your first name

    With that… I’m off for today, another day y’all.

  30. Sweetie, don’t take it personal. Just playing with you. I know you’re no like your fictitious character. Lol. @daireenonline this particular advice is for married couples,not for imaginary gf & bf ooh.
    My real name is not something I quite like,so I shortened it. Take a wild guess and lemme know what you come up with. Ciao!

    1. @mimiadebayo LFW, I will spill the beans! Bribe me nw!

  31. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    Munira! It was at the tip of my tongue, sorry. :d

    1. Nah nah nah. Not as bad as Munira. @daireenonlineWrong guess,dear.

      1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

        So you are ashamed of your name? Say it already… Otherwise, Munira *winks* will be the name I associate with thee hence… I can live with Akin :p

  32. @Mimiadebayo…..this is called ‘OPERATION GET OUT OF THAT DRESS QUICK!!’ Hahahha! I know you have it in you #wink!

    Hehehehe!…….I did not know you are an advocate for matters of the heart and loin! Lol….I am a fan!

    I will get along with this girl…..on a more serious note this is cool….reminder to all those guys, married or been in a relationship for donkey years #tellthem!

    I noticed tho you tagged only females….maybe you should do another tag for all the boys……

    1. @Zikora I guess I’m full of surprises. T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ article for T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ ladies will be submitted today.Make sure U̶̲̥̅̊ read it cos there’s some really interesting stuff there. Thanks for reading and liking. I’m a romantic too. Hehehehe
      I’ll make sure τ̅☺ tag T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ guys T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ next one. Kisses!

  33. Oh my word…..I can’t stop laughing at this comments especially funny ones @dkny111 and @Seun-Odukoya and dreamers @kingobozy…..and scared ones @topazo and my boo – the cynic @daireenonline.

    @Olan, @febidel….you guys bother trying to talk. Leave them if they continue like this they wnt be getting any! Lol

    1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

      @zikora since we boos, how about that Galaxy S4… :d

      1. Lol @daireenonline….is that all?? While you wait for your S4 to arrive, send my Bentley asap!

    2. Lol@Zikora Abeg tell them ooh. Laugh well joor.

    3. Someone is looking for my trouble…. @zikora beware

      1. Hmmmm…..trying to imagine @topazo angry and bringing down the roof!

        1. @zikora hope the image was scary enough

  34. @daireenonline Akin huh? Nah…I think I’ll call you Randy if you wanna call me Munira. Be a darling and take another guess at my first name please. Munira isn’t just right. Lol.

    1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

      I don’t like guessing cause I always lose. And I’m pouting here which is not a good thing either… Amma stick with my Munira, I’m a first appearances kinda guy, and that name… beautiful, just like your photo. All that’s missing is ‘tu’ ;)

    2. @daireenonline. You’ve got me blushing,young sire. Pray tell art thou a casanova? :)
      I’ll let you call me Munira since you feel that way about T̶̲̥̅̊h̶̲̥̅̊e̶̲̥̅̊ name.Hehehe.

      1. Its nt munira or any of its derivatives…… it’s mi….
        @mimiadebayo I wl tlk o… Unless…

  35. @topazo. Aah…abeg nah.Don’t give up my secret ooh. Please.Okay…how much bribe are we talking about? Lol.

    1. @mimiadebayo hmmm… I wl hv to get back to u on dt… I hv to consult my oga @ d top

  36. @topazo Aah nah. Please be fair ooh. Beg your oga @ the top to be lenient ooh.

    1. @mimiadebayo dnt worry mi… (oops, I almost slipped!) ur secret is safe with me…. For now#winks

  37. @topazo thank you,luv.(I’m bribing you now) Lol.

    1. @mimiadebayo u so dnt know hw to bribe…. Lol

  38. Honestly @ Mimi n @ Topaz u’re both mischievious.Had me a gud laugh.

  39. I also know the full name. Saw it on a website months ago, had something to do with poetry, and the lassie claimed she was just trying her hands on poetry when she wrote” a patient of Alzheimers”

  40. @Olan You saw that? Seriously? I was testing my hands at poetry then,too. That’s the truth. Please please don’t whisper my first name to anyone. Can I count on you?

    1. You can count on me *Salutes* #ClassifiedInfoTins. Lol

  41. @Mimiadebayo Hmmm,so much secrecy surrounding ur name.

  42. @jade69 Lol. I don’t even know why ooh. Don’t mind them,it’s nothing spectacular

  43. These dating manuals eh? Lol. It’s interesting to read through the discussion this post has birthed.

    You write well. Well done.

  44. @chemokopi Thank you sir, for reading.I also found the comments an interesting read.

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