Musings Of A Hustler (episode 21)


You dey craze? E be like say you don dey mad? You for carry am go house na. Idiiiooooot! You don forget say we still get plenty places to go abi? ‘The Boss’ yelled at ‘Mr. Tall Robber’.

I couldn’t quantify the level of relief I felt when I heard those words from him. My assumption that his words would imply my being let go by ‘Mr. Tall Robber’ proved to be so totally wrong. He held on to me, his rough hands forgotten in my pants, reluctant to desist from his intended line of actions.

“Ehn ehn? Say we get plenty places to go no mean say I no fit fuck am nau. How many minutes I wan take finish?” He retorted.

I silently prayed “The Boss” would stand his ground and get the dog out of my pants. That night, I realized that God can be merciful even to the vilest of sinners because not only did “The Boss” refuse to back down, he would have none of “Mr. Tall Robber’s petulance.

“Leave dat girl, come go enter the car make we dey go, we no get time and no make me repeat myself you hear?” “The Boss’ told “Mr. Tall Robber’s in a firm and stern tone.

Reluctantly and grudgingly, the ‘idiot’ removed his hands from my pants and escorted me to the car where Uncle Emmanuel had already been shepherded. Within seconds, we had been joined by ‘The Boss’ who sat in between the two of us. ‘Mr. Tall Robber’, then went to meet with the driver in the Prado Jeep, discussed briefly, then came back to our car and took the driver’s position. Without saying anything, he started the car and followed closely behind the Prado Jeep.

We kept driving for about 10 minutes without anyone saying a word. In the eerie and uncomfortable silence in the car, my thoughts travelled far. I silently considered the possibilities that may happen to us. I even wondered if we were to be used for rituals.

The silence was suddenly broken by ‘The Boss’ who brought out a handkerchief from his pocket  and offered it to Uncle Emmanuel to aid him in cleaning his lips which were now bleeding profusely. That was a good sign I mused, it could mean he had a heart after all.

“where the car security dey?’ ‘The Boss’ asked him nonchalantly.

“I no dey use security” Uncle Emma mumbled.

“ you sure? Becos if this your car stop as we dey go now, you go chop bullet be dat o” he said without smiling.

Bros, even if you dey go Enugu with the car, e no go stop” Uncle Emma replied calmly.

By now we had raced past the city center and were now sandwiched by thick forests; the Prado jeep also speeding away but the car lights still visible in the distance.

Suddenly, turning to Uncle Emmanuel again, “The Boss’ stated bluntly;

“Guy, you lucky o. you see this your car ehn? We wan use am do operation. If to say you no cooperate ehn, we for don waste you tay tay. You see that car for front? We don waste the person wey get am. When you reach house ehn, go thank ya mama wey dey pray for you.’

For a brief moment I thought about my mum but probably due to the circumstance I found myself, I couldn’t dwell on thoughts of her.

‘Scorpion!’ he beckoned to “Mr. Tall Robber’ whose weird alias actually sounded better that the way he looked.

Then “Scorpion” slowed the car down although the vehicle was still moving considerably. Shoving Uncle Emma towards me to enable him look behind us as he made to apparently free us, he shouted at us to get down.

Reluctant to follow his orders partially due to the considerable movement of the car and fear of being shot at from behind as is oft the case of similar stories, myself and uncle Emmanuel couldn’t move or jump from the vehicle.

‘You better go before I change my mind!’ he said with bloodshot eyes. We knew we stood a better chance of survival jumping that risking ‘The Boss’s fury’. Luckily, the car had slowed down considerably almost to a halt. Without warning, Uncle Emma jumped out of the car. Still nursing the fear of being shot while I ran for dear life, I said a quick prayer and jumped.

18 thoughts on “Musings Of A Hustler (episode 21)” by Ayoks (@sucess001)

  1. I felt the boss’s outburst should have being statements and not questions.

    “you dey craze! E be like say u dey mad!…. ”

    Well done.

  2. Thank God for thierbkives…but this postings are getting shorter and shorter

  3. @topazo..noted bro. thanks for stopping by.

  4. @schatzilein…lol…its not shorter jo…its just you wanting more and more…oliver twist!

    1. Its short when r u posting another

    2. its getting shorter… i did a word and paragraph count :(

  5. Scorpion!’ he beckoned to “Mr. Tall Robber’ whose weird alias actually sounded better that the way he looked.

    We knew we stood a better chance of survival jumping that risking ‘The Boss’s fury’

    I thought the ‘that’ should be ‘than’.

    Nice write…

  6. U know i keep praying n hoping Jenny doesnt get killed one of these days as her escapades wit Uncle Emma just seem 2 get her in trouble.
    Waiting 4 d next episode ojare.Well done

  7. @sucess001, Welldone, this episode gripped me. Poor Jenny. As if she hasn’t experienced enough.@jade69 is right and I second her. I hope Jenny has nine lives.

    Thanks for keeping us hooked.

  8. So hustlers also pray? Na wa o, nice story, pls dish it faster

  9. @ Ayok….how do you do it?? Really like your style.

    Pls dnt kill them but shoot Uncle Emmanuel on the leg lol.

  10. We wee fait o,its short again,the next episode should b long so dat we wud move d next scene pls!…..nice work @ayoks God Bless

  11. Sorry guys.

    Got a lot on my plate nw plus am facing d possibilty of havin a surgery. Once am back on my foot, I ll post faster.

    1. Get well soon. its getting really interesting but i can’t seem to understand why she is sleeping with her father’s brother or is it the Naija Uncle style

  12. Nice,but this one short well well.

  13. @fissayo…its not a nigerian thing…its incest and it happens globally. you wont hear much bout it cos its usually done secretly…tnx for stopping by.

  14. @aniefiokitong …sowie…will improve and make it longer…tnx for stopping by.

  15. I really hope your surgery went alright, Ayoks.
    She is probably tapping into the favors she had when she was a better person.
    Well done. $ß.

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