Message to President GoodLuck Ebele Jonathan

Nigeria  claims on paper to be a democratic state, however saddening it may be in reality, Nigeria is a law less. undemocratic and a corruptly state. the legislative arm knows little or nothing about legislation, things are done outside protocol and in end apology is made instead of action. the office of the presidency is as vacant as it seems occupied. imagine a president talking on Amnesty for Boko-haram, why negotiate with crime. simply because Nigeria is cowardice, does not make insanity and lawlessness the order of the day in Nigeria.

It has been said in Israel; “God forbids the sons of a butcher feed on bones and crackers, the daughters of Iroko build their houses with palm.” however saddening once again it may be, that is the case in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country rich in abundant human and natural resources, yet Nigerians have suffered, are suffering and will suffer if she does not wake up from her slumber. The rich get wealthier and poor get meaner, is the state of Nigerian economy . corruption is no longer a vice in Nigeria, it is now a norm, culture, a way of life to Nigeria and an Heritage inherited from our early generations. Nigeria is a city founded on the foundation of corruption. when the foundation is bad what can the righteous do?

I will like to take us down memory lane, to the days and era of Obafemi Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa, Nnamdi Azikwe and the likes of others. Although, I stand to claim that they are not as corrupt as the present generations of rulers we parade till date, the fact still remains that they are corrupt and selfish. Our own celebrated Awolowo will be use as a case study. Awolowo originates from Abeokuta, Ogun state a South- western state of Nigeria (Yoruba’s). Awolowo started the free education program in his era, I concur that was awesome. Awolowo was greedy, selfish and corrupt too. why? He accured the priviledges and powers of the then western region to his people (Ijebu). land, wealth and power that was suppose to benefit he whole western region was bethroded to the Ogun people, it is a fact; is that not selfishness? even Awolowo was convicted for money laundering. There has never been a Mandela, a Washington and a Rawlings  in Nigeria.

Note that; as a leader when you take a wrong step, your followers will take three, when you take a right one, your followers will also take three. The next preceeding generation will take a multiple of ten…. I urge you to fill in the gap for generations yet unborn. I will not close my eyes to he benefits our founding generation bestowed unto us. It is that which they have offered us that we still benefit from today. If not for Awolowo, I might not be opportune to pour out my mind at this moment, He offered the free education system. It is what they gave as education system that we still benefit from till date; the likes of University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University, FUTA, UNN, Ahmadu Belo University Zaria and many others. What has this generation offered us in the education system?

In the economic system, it is the Air ports they offered we still fly on till date. the NIPOST of a thing collapsed during the era of this generation, same with the Rail-way companies. Our generation has failed us. Our existence as Nigerians is still a reliance of what our founding generations as offered us. President Good Luck Ebele Jonathan, what do you have to offer this generation of yours? Your time is running out, wake up from your slumber. Time waits for no man!

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